"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #93

Hello everyone!!

Another cold week has passed by, I hope you had a nice one, and are ready for school/work tomorrow. I am here, as usual, to present you weekly events on our favorite site. Here we go:

The Tribute season on Stardoll started on Monday, with the release of Zuhair Murad Tribute store:

The collection consists mostly of dresses, both long and short, some tops, blazers, etc. It is quite pricey, but nothing unusual for tribute stores. It is definitely worth investing in, whether you are gonna buy few pieces that you like, more if you want to earn some stardollars by reselling stuff, or a whole collection if you are a hardcore collector and not afraid to spend your money on stuff you really like. Some people, though, complained about low quality of some pieces, like pixelation and not enough shading. For me, there are some items I do like and I'm gonna buy, but not yet, as I am hoping for Winter pass to renew my membership and sell some stuff. Or any other discount would be nice.

On Wednesday, a nice surprise for male members on Stardoll  - an entire Callie's Picks collection filled with only boy clothes!

Okay, some of the pieces can be worn by girls too, but that;s not the point. The point is that I guess Stardoll had noticed the increase of male members joining the site. Either that, or they want to influence more guys to join. Third option is that they want to make male users start making their dolls male too, and buying male clothes, as some boys chose to have their doll female, because of more clothing options. The pieces are quite nice, with some rare and valuable items. For example, the skeleton sweater on the top left. Few Mortal Kiss items, rare and valuable as well. What are we gonna get next, Coverboy, in addition to Covergirl? Boy hairstyles in Tress Up? Not that I am complaining, even I had high expectations for this issue of CP, I am glad that I do not feel compelled to spend any stardollar on it, as I guess I'm gonna need those precious gold coins in near future.

And the end of a week marked another random release in Splendid store.

The pieces are really nice, consisting mostly of headbands, which are perfect for future holidays. They are really, really nice, but I really, really do not want to spend my stardollars on beauty parlor items, especially ones wearable only on special occasion. And I have so much jewelry that it is hard to organize it all. (A hint for Stardoll - could you make some sort of little boxes in our beauty parlor jewelry section, where we'd have separate boxes for headbands, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, tattoos/piercings, etc? Pretty please!)

Kinda slow week, but after the 1st Tribute release, maybe some of you are already broke. But there are some great things coming up, like we saw in spoilers and a mail Stardoll sent us (well, some members, at least). Prepare for new LE decor. (Which will probably be Christmas themed - can't we just have a regular, non-limited Christmas store instead?) Museum Mile too, which, by the spoiler, will be full with McQueen inspired stuff. Again, we got some random spoilers for God knows what or when. We are also expecting a new Tribute store release tomorrow. Phew..

~ Venus
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