Spoilers Hot hotbuys

Here are the spoilers for all the items on the Hot hotbuys calendar

I will try to find the real life versions, if you know any of them, please let us know on the comments:

Valentino Fall 2014 (special thanks to Stardoll's Most Wanted / Inspired by)

Eleven Paris Mickey Face Tote Bag - Urban Outfitters (special thanks to Vannassa555)

GIAMBATTISTA VALLI - Lace-appliquéd cloqué mini dress (special thanks freiheit1993)

ISABEL MARANT  - Aleen leather ankle boots (special thanks BEAUTiiFUL.x3)

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Oval silver-tone box clutch (special thanks BEAUTiiFUL.x3)

ASOS - Christmas Jumper in Reindeer Fairisle (special thanks BEAUTiiFUL.x3)

MICHAELA BUERGER - 'Paris' sweatshirt (special thanks BEAUTiiFUL.x3, March39 and CyberEmpress)

Wolford Marchesa Sparkle Tights (special thanks to Vannassa555)

Alice + Olivia Pout Pouf A line skirt (special thanks to ashleybaby93 )

Naeem Khan Spring/Summer 2015 (special thanks to ashleybaby93 )

Nicholas Kirkwood Pre-Spring 2013 - Crystal Slingback (special thanks to ashleybaby93 )

Rochas - Embellished Suede and Leather Pumps (special thanks to BEAUTiiFUL.x3 )

 Dolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter 2013/2014 dress (special thanks to BEAUTiiFUL.x3 )

Lipsy - Fashion Union Tinsel Rudolph Christmas Jumper (special thanks to Leonelastar2002 and Emerald56)

D&G Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear (special thanks to March39 and Ms.Brigitte)

Louis Vuitton Petite-Malle bag (special thanks to FloralDelRey)

Charlotte Olympia - My lips are sealed (special thanks to Leonela star)

Do you like them?

xoxo, sdoreymenano

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