"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #90

Hello, everyone!

First of all, I wanted to apologize for writing my post late. I was away from town, and had no Internet connection there. There isn't much to recap, anyway. I will cover only things that happened until Sunday, and I will include today's news in next Sunday's recap. So here we go.

The week started with a release of a new collection in clothing store named Mr.

It is fairly nice collection. Finally something for guys on Stardoll. Yeah, I know they don't get much attention, but we all know that boys on Stardoll are minority. They get new collection every once in a while, few items in limited stores every once in a while, etc. Some of those clothing items can be worn by girls too, like the scarf or a coat. Skeleton tee is one of my favorite items from the collection. And it is superstar only, of course.

On Tuesday, I think, we got an update in our Stardesign Hair studio.

With this update, now we can edit our previously made wigs. It is a perfect tool for adding slight changes to wigs, or recoloring them. Was supposed to be actually. Stardoll seemed to have it removed it after a while, since it didn't work properly. Yup, I just checked, it is not there anymore. At least Stardoll now figured we like the update, so I am sure they will work on fixing it.

On Wednesday, we got another offer by Stardoll.

It is as usual - if you made any purchase last week, either stardollars or superstar membership, you'd have gotten this gorgeous hairstyle. I am not sure, however, whether it'd look good on my doll, and besides, I am sure some designers could recreate it in hair design studio. But we had an offer like this like 2 weeks ago. I renewed my ss membership back then, I am not doing it again. Still, maybe some like this offer more. Like I said, I'd have probably gotten it had I not already made a purchase recently.

And on Friday, we got a new Voile collection - sorry, no limited stuff this week, as many of you expected.

Even the collection is fairly small, I gotta admit, those gowns are fabulous. Elegant, with a lot of detail, perfect for holiday season that is coming up. I am having hard time choosing my favorite, as I love them all. Prices are high, as usual. Few starcoin items, one ss only item, as usual as well. I am just glad they didn't make this collection limited.

Yup, that's it for the week. I know many complain wanting more releases, but not everyone could keep up with that many releases. Also, Stardoll staff needs a break. I am hoping for some new interesting updates. See you next this week, vote and comment, as usual.

~ Venus
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