"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #88

Hello, everyone!

It is a cold, cold evening here, so I made myself a cup of tea, turned on some soft music and am finally ready to do my weekly recap. Last week on Stardoll was definitely themed by Halloween, as you will see bellow. So if you missed something, or want to hear my opinion on releases, read on.

So the Halloween week on Stardoll started on Monday, by a release of a new store, called Bod Mod.

I must say I am truly impressed by this collection. I mean, the outfits are fantastic, prices are reasonable, there are even starcoin outfits. It is not limited - another good thing. We have zombie costume, siren, werewolf, vampire, etc. There is nothing to dislike about this. Okay, I know it may not be worth it investing in outfits that you will wear only for Halloween, but why not make themed room or two, or combine some items with 'regular' ones, creating unique and creative outfits. I know you can do it.

On Wednesday (I guess, I can't see either the date or day of a week in post), Stardoll released new Tingeling Halloween couture collection.

Another Halloween themed release, as the name says. I am really glad we got a new collection, not re-release like last year. Even it is holiday themed, there are many pieces that can be wearable for other occasions. No real costumes, just out-of-ordinary outfits. I love most of the items, and even I ditched goth style a while ago, I still enjoy wearing dark outfits every once in a while, and those look really good. Only thing I am wondering is whether to wait for a sale, and risk store being closed without any warning, or just buy now what I like. Fingers crossed for a sale. But I still do plan on buying some items I really love.

On Thursday, we got (finally) a new offer from Stardoll.

For any purchase before Sunday (today), you got this gorgeous outfit inspired by real life Cara Delevingne's gothic Red Carpet look. I really love the dress, and I was planning on renewing my royalty membership, so this seemed like a nice incentive. At first I thought you get the dress only when purchasing stardollars, but I am glad I was wrong. Aside from offer being quite nice, I am, and as I believe many other sd users, disappointed that we did not get a Halloween pass this year. We'd probably have to wait for Christmas and/or New Year to get new offers.

And on Friday, we got new Furry Friends - Halloween inspired as well. Just take a look bellow.

It mostly consists of adorable animals wearing Halloween costumes. And they are adorable indeed. I mean, look at that scared cat, or 2 kittens coming out of a pumpkin, or the ninja cat, or that skeleton fur cat - you get it, I love cats. Even they look cute, I am not a big fan of dressing up animals. I mean they are beautiful already the way they are. Pets shouldn't be an 'accessory' you wear to match your costume, they are friends. But as someone said before: "No animals were harmed in making these pixels."

Here are some updates worth mentioning too:
- Along with Bod Mod store release, we got a Halloween themed chat room. It is superstar only and costs 8sd to create. Nice for Halloween themed party.
- Updates in Starbazaar search - now you can search for Chanel, YSL and Givenchy. Seems like Stardoll is listening to us. I am hoping for more updates.
- Another update - Stardoll posts on their homepage so called 'featured' photo from Spotlight. So far there's been only one featured photo though.

Quite spooky week, right? What will next week bring, we can only hope for something good, interesting, appealing. Something to talk about next week. Until then, vote, comment (finally I'm getting topic related comments, yay!), and see you.

~ Venus
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