Free Lego Friends gifts - FRANCE

If you are from FRANCE all you have to do is:

When you log into your account the heart with the 2 girls with the panda will be at your suite

Then, you need to go to the club 

This is what you will see:

To receive the cup of fruits, you need to click on it at the club (click on the part where it is written "clique ici pour découvrir encore plus de nouveautés LEGO Friends et gagne un cadeau").  You will be redirected to the Lego Friends page, wait till it loads and you can close that page.

To receive the clothes you need to invite 1 French friend to join the club.

To receive the gift of the month (the pictures of the girls), you need to create a wishlist, just click on the part where it is written "crée ta liste de cadeaux de Nöel, envoie-la à tes parents et gagne une surprise!" You will be redirected to this page:

Choose at least 1 item and then click "créer ma liste de cadeaux", then you will see this other page:

Fill in the blanks and click on "créer ma liste de cadeaux"

Done, the freebies will be in your suite in a while

xoxo, sdoreymenano

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