Update on the One Stop Rules of Stardoll

Stardoll has made an update on its rules.

Please pay attention to all the rules:

So, everyone using hacking proxies to sell unsellable things, to copy designs, to change their eye color, to search on bazaar, etc, can be deleted from Stardoll with no chance of refund.

Also, pay attention to this:

We all can not have any external link at the presentations (or at our stardollblog or at GB's comments), neither the usernames to any social midia or external site, even if it is an account for the doll. We can not type any link at Stardoll, unless it is a link INSIDE Stardoll such as for example the link to the help section:  http://www.stardoll.com/en/help/article.php?sectionId=18&articleId=13

The links that are at the cursor on some presentations are also forbidden, so I suggest everyone to change it, for example, many users have presentations made by an user that have a blog with presentations, right? There is a cursor at some of these presentations that shows the link to her blog, please change it, put only "made by HER USERNAME" otherwise, you can be reported for having an external link on your presentation!!

In the past, we were allowed to have the links to Stardoll related blogs like for example underneathstardoll.net  at our presentations, but nowadays it is also forbidden, NO EXTERNAL LINK at all.

Make private deals sell/buy things for more then 600 starcoins (if the item is in starcoins) or 600 stardollars.

Here is an answer that snowgirlz received from Stardoll about this (thanks for the picture):

Design cigarettes, guns, drugs, sexual things. If you have these designs even if they were not designed by you, you can be reported too, so I ask you guys to don't buy them and if you have pictures of them on your album, presentations, etc, please delete them to don't be reported!!

So please guys, read the rules, and follow them to don't get in trouble!!

xoxo, sdoreymenano

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