"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #85

Hello, beloved readers!!

I really hope your week was interesting, exciting, full of fun events. Unlike mine. Okay, I did see my best friend after a quite long time, but still.. But here I am , talking about some random stuff, instead of doing my job, right? So if you are here for a recap on Stardoll, here it goes.

Even though, this technically happened the previous week, I felt I should mention it anyway - an update on Stardoll One Stop rules.

The 1st new rule is, even quite necessary, still a bit disappointing for some users. I mean, it is okay to forbid using proxies which can help users duplicate wigs or sell unsellable stuff, but as we later learned, they are also forbidding using 'regular' proxies in order to get some freebies. Now I know Stardoll does that to protect their members, as some proxies can be dangerous, and are also not allowed to make freebies available to all countries, simply because their sponsors request that, at least that's what I understood. Still, some freebies can be really pretty, and it is a shame that people like me, that live in not so popular countries and get like no freebies at all. It is up to you to decide whether to just accept and obey the rules, or take a risk.
The 2nd new rule was really necessary and I am sure many are happy that they included it. Talented and hard working designers on Stardoll should not be ripped off by some cheaters and lose their profit. I know original wigs can be pretty expensive, but they are worth it. At least you know your stardollars go to some user who spends their time and talent in order to create unique and beautiful wigs.
Okay, this was way too long. Moving on.

On Monday, Royalty store got 2 new floors.

Hm.. I am not really sure what to think about this. I mean, there are some gorgeous items, some nice items, some ok items.. Nothing spectacular, but still some interesting and unique pieces, inspired by real brand (Pucci). I like that Stardoll appreciates their paying members and gives them some unique pieces. Of course, not everyone can afford Royalty,but that's life, get over it. (On that matter, Stardoll is preparing another store for paying members, but I will talk about it later.)

This week, Callie's Picks arrived a bit later - on Thursday, instead of usual Wednesday. This collection is named "The Art of Contrast".

As usual, the collection is not that special. There is rare Chanel bag re-released, and not so rare top. Hm.. there is that beautiful dog, few nice dresses, and surprisingly, an outfit for males. (Nice that Stardoll keeps releasing stuff for their male users.) But honestly, for that theme, I could find so many pieces that match the theme and I'd rather see released. Not that Callie, or whoever goes by that name, would listen.

As I hinted, Stardoll is preparing a new Superstar/Royalty store, and to announce it, they sent a nice jacket to all paying members.

Now jacket is not much my style, so I do not regret not getting it, but I am really curious to see what will make this store special, and decide whether to renew my membership. What I wish to see are some interesting, unique pieces, preferably non limited. I'd like to be blown away by Stardoll staff creativity and unique ideas. We'll see.. patience..

And, on Saturday (??), Stardoll released new Pretty'n'Love collection.

Another ordinary store, for 'ordinary' users. (Or ones who'd rather spend their real money on real stuff, not overpriced limited but virtual stuff.) Or it is fact that we look on the brand name instead of a quality of clothes. Very few starcoin stuff, which is not cool. Okay, I'm gonna end this post, as I am getting really tired. (Not that I have school tomorrow, but still.)

To summarize this week - semi interesting, with some interesting expectations for a next one. Do as usual, and see you next week.

~ Venus
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