"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #84

Hello readers!!

Another week has gone by, too fast for me. So here I am again, ready to start writing my weekly column. Previous week was, well a bit more interesting than usual. If you missed something, or just want to see all important events and releases from the last week, read on.

On Monday, as expected, we got another floor of MSW 14 store.

The collection consists of mostly dresses, short and long. I gotta admit I was blown away by the look of the dress on top left. The length, texture, color, shape - there are so many things to like about this stunning and glamorous dress. Other items are, well, there are some nice and some not so nice, but mostly nice. The dress on the top right is gorgeous too. And of course, I love the jeans. And of course, if you like something, now is your chance to buy, as I guess, as previous years, once the store leaves plaza, items will not be able to be sold in bazaars.

On Wednesday, we got a new collection in a store that hasn't been updated for a really, really long time. I am talking about Antidote, of course.

I am not really sure what to think about the collection. I mean, I am glad we got some new stuff, cheaper than, for example, Limited Edition, but still, I am not a huge fan of a choice of colors. Still, it did not stop me from buying almost everything, as I expect them to become rare and valuable in future, and I expect to maybe find a way to use some pieces in everyday outfits. My favorite items are denim jacket and skirt, and a black body suit. There was a glitch, that made black jacket appear for 8 stardollars. I missed it, of course, and it sucks, because I really loved that jacket and was ready to pay a real price for it, which was 58 or 68 stardollars I guess. Also, it did come on Wednesday, as I mentioned, which is kinda weird, as Stardoll usually releases limited stuff on Fridays.

On Friday, we got a new interior store collection, this time in Magic Emporium.

I kinda like this store, as it has more unusual pieces, so you can either create, for example, a magic themed room, or just spice up an ordinary room with some not so ordinary pieces. The animals in this store are cute, kinda weird though. Okay, I have no idea what to write more about this, so I am moving on.

The same day, we got announcement from Stardoll that the Fever store was closing down.

Not something we all did not see coming. (Remember the previous Fever collection?) There are some cute, nice items, and quite cheap compared to other stores, and with this sale, even more affordable. A great chance to snag some nice, everyday looking pieces. And this collection is far better than the previous one. But on the other hand, the items seem too 'ordinary', basic shapes and colors. It is your choice, but don't wait too much.

That's it. As I do not feel quite inspired to write an interesting closure to this post, I will just close as usual - leave a comment vote on the poll, and see you next week.

~ Venus
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