Comment Rules and Your new Pages

We are trying to make Underneath Stardoll a better place for you. That is why we bring you 4 new pages where you are free to post your daily looks, your sales , you wishlists and your questions.

From now on you are NOT allowed posting sales, looks or requests in the comments of the daily posts. You are only allowed to comment/discuss with your friends and writers about the post presented....or provide news you discovered about stardoll. Pictures you post on daily posts must be about the topic or about something we haven't posted yet. 

May i say that we are able to ban whoever does not follow the rules and we haven't yet. Please do not make us use this tool.

Thanks for your understanding.

The new pages are already available. Let's make USD even more fun. To find the pages click the 3 bars on the upper right side to open the menu. You will find the option "Your Pages". If you click it you will open your 4 options:
Post your Look
Post your Sale
Post your Wishlist
Ask a Question - Help

Choose the one you want.
1.Always stick and follow Stardoll's rules when it concerns transactions. Do not accept(or try to sell) above the bazaar limit provided by stardoll.
2.Do not Spam. 
3.After you spoted something try to contact the person in their guestbook and not in comments of USD.
4.Be nice to one another.
Help us make USD even more fun by following the rules...
....xoxo M_Themis

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