5 Years Of Underneath Stardoll

It's been 5 Years already since this amazing journey started. Underneath Stardoll today turns 5.
You have been the most essential and the most beautiful part of these past years.You...the Underneathers that surrounded this blog with love and kept it alive for so long. I can't even express to how grateful i am for having you all here as readers.

At this point i would like to say a big thank you on the amazing team there at Stardoll for making this journey even more fun with lots of news, changes and freebies... for us Stardollians.

And finally the biggest thank you goes to our experts...our news hunters....our WRITERS.
They are the heroes of this past year and they are the reason this blog is still alive.
Special Thanks to Sofia (sdoreymenano) for running this blog as if i were here. I am super grateful to you my friend. I of course would like to thank the rest of the heroes that keep you company here in Underenath Stardoll in the past months.

I wish i could be there by their side more.


And just a USD Spoiler...Underneath Stardoll is having a makeover later today due to our 5th Birthday....
stay tuned for a NEW Underneath Stardoll.
Happy Birthday Underneath Stardoll.

...xoxo M_Themis

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