There is a new feature on Stardoll called "Spotlight" which is like Instagram but inside Stardoll.

For now, this feature is only for Royalty members! I think it will be available for all in a while, like it happened with "The Vote"

To submit your photos to the spotlight you need to be in your suite and select camera, and then "post to spotlight"

Then you will have the option to submit a fashion, a Beauty or a Decor photo. 
You can submit once a time, so, to submit more, you need to refresh your suite and start again.(In my opinion, we should be able to post only 1 per category a day, but for now you can submit how many times you want.)

Then to see the spotlight you can click in SPOTLIGHT or HERE

You will see all the photos that were submitted to the SPOTLIGHT

Then it is just like Instagram, you can "like" the photos and leave comments.

To see them you can select by categories.

 This is the FASHION category:

This is the DECOR category

And this is the BEAUTY category

And you can also select in all the categories: "popular", "recent", "my photos" and "friends", This can be a helpful option to see your friend's photos as there are inumerous photos there:)

Do you like the new feature?

xoxo, sdoreymenano

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