"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #83

Hello readers!

If you read my personal Stardoll blog, you got updated about things in my real life. If you don't, it doesn't really matter. I am here to do just my recap anyway, which starts in 3...2...1.. now!

So, on Monday, we got new collection in interior store Sweet Suites.

The collection seems to be inspired by Olivia Palermo's real life apartment. At least they says so, I honestly have no idea who she is. Anyway, the collection is nice, maybe a bit overpriced and a bit controversial. (Notice the painting of a naked lady on the top right. Stardoll removed it later, but I guess it is back now.) I like the clothing rack, but I only wish it came without clothes, so we could add our own. Btw, some help with arranging our closets, Stardoll? We've been waiting for this like forever.

And on Wednesday, a day we've been all waiting for -  MSW semi finalists got chosen.

Some were happy, there are many talented and beautiful dolls in semis, including some of our blog contributors. Congrats everyone who got through, and good luck. On the other hand, many got disappointed as their country wasn't even included in top 30 countries. Stardoll replied by mentioning that there are just too many countries and they simply could not include all of them. Btw my country wasn't there, as expected, but I didn't bother participating anyway. Anyway, I understand Stardoll, but a little heads up would have been nice.

On Wednesday, we got new Callie's Picks collection, 25th so far (wow!), named "Reddy for Fall"

As you could guess, the collection consists mostly of red clothes - dresses, tops, accessories, etc. Some rares, some cheap stuff, some overpriced stuff, some superstar only stuff, some weird stuff, and so on. I gotta admit, I love the color red, but not much from this collection really caught my attention. There are just so many things I want re-released, but somehow I doubt they ever will.. It is also there to remind us Fall coming, at least to Northern Hemisphere. I hate Fall. And Winter too. I just hate cold, and it has just started. Yay!

New feature on Stardoll (finally!) arrived on Wednesday as well - named Spotlight.

Basically, it allows you to take a photo of your doll,either face, whole outfit, or suite, and it gets displayed on Stardoll Spotlight page. It looks kinda like Instagram. It is a feature for Royalty members only, but I can expect it becoming available to everyone eventually.Which I am, honestly, not looking forward too, as I can see many newly created dolls posting some random stuff, kinda like with the Vote. No offense. I can see some really beautiful and popular dolls on the Spotlight homepage now, and I really admire their talent of creating fabulous dolls, wigs, apartments, etc.

And on Friday, my favorite Stardoll store got a new floor - I am talking, of course, about Nelly.com

Even though I like the sore overall, I am not much impressed with this collection. Sure, there are pieces I like, as usual, but it had better collections. I like those leggings, they are kinda unusual. Some classic LBD's and other interesting stuff. Nothing much to say, as they had a new collection like a week ago before this one and I spent enough words on it.

That's it! I really like when Stardoll surprises us with some next updates, especially unexpected and unannounced ones. Yeah, there are updates many people want. But let's just be patient, keep playing the game, and never give up hope. And my hope for you to have a nice, happy, fun week, and come back around the same time at the end of it to see what I have more to say. Until then, vote, comment. and see you.

~ Venus

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