September Hotbuys

Here are the September Hotbuys

Do you like them?

Here are the real versions:

Balmain - Embellished leopard-print calf hair and leather mini skirt
Dolls Kills  - Call of Duty Camo Jacket (special thanks to pinklovelemons / Stardoll's Most Wanted / Inspired by)

Jeffrey Campbell - Adagio Platform (special thanks to Miss.Privacy / Stardoll's Most Wanted / Inspired by)

Alexander McQueen S/S2014 dress (special thanks to Stardoll's Most Wanted / Inspired by)

Saint Laurent - Wide-brim studded rabbit-felt hat (special thanks to Ka.s2Stardoll's Most Wanted / Inspired by)

JW Anderson - Spring/Summer 2013(special thanks to Regina226 / Stardoll's Most Wanted / Inspired by)

Rachel Roy FW 2014-2015 (special thanks to carolaina / Stardoll's Most Wanted / Inspired by)

xoxo, sdoreymenano

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