MLP awards in stardesign (UPDATED)

So if you saw the post from earlier today about the awards in the catalog,they seemed to disappear but now they're available when you click Design and sell.
If you're from the UK you'll already have have the button with 'My little Pony' next to 'My bazaar',but if you're not from the UK follow these steps how to get it,but you'll have to use a manual proxy
If you use Mac/Safari, follow these steps (copy and paste this link in a new tab to the URL bar)
If you use Windows, follow these steps (copy and paste this link in a new tab to the URL bar) 
Use these IP numbers and ports 

IP: port:3128 
IP: port:3128
IP: port: 80 IP: port: 3128 
IP: port:3128 
IP: port: 3128 
IP: port: 3128 8080
So after you've done everything and already put the IP address,go to 'My page' then 'Design and sell' now  you should see 'My little pony' next to 'My bazaar' so click on 'My little pony' and you should see this

Click on the start button,now you should see this

For each one it costs 40 sc to buy and there's a competition too,if your design wins you get 400 sc and it'll be represented  (I know a pretty lame prize)
So will you be designing?
UPDATE:to get this keyguitar,buy one of the designs and to get the microphone copy and paste this to the URL bar
you'll be now in the club so just answer the questions then they should be in your suite

Thanks to =^._.^= lucy =^._.^=

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