"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #75

Hello readers, and welcome to another weekly recap brought to you by a person who goes by name "Venus" in Stardoll blogging community, aka Yours Truly. First thing I wanted to mention is that, unfortunately (or not), Stardoll changed the S happens top. Like I mentioned in my previous recap, I could see that coming, and even I kinda liked the design, I am not so upset about the change. Also, I wanted to mention that upcoming Monday and Tuesday are, last days to buy, respectively, Dior and Missoni tribute stuff. I just wish I hadn't spent that much on not-so-pretty LE and saved for Dior. But enough for this intro, here goes my recap.

The week started with a Polished nail polishes release.

The colors and patterns are quite nice. Even Stardoll does release a variety of different patterns and designs, some say, and I agree, that we should be able to design our own nails, maybe a Stardesign studio for nails. Make them more unique. But seeing how members do not buy nail polishes too often, I don't think it'd be worth it. I mean, I almost never look at nails when visiting a doll. I rarely change my doll's nail polish when I visit beauty parlor. And the prices are kinda high, compared to their usefulness. And of course, no starcoin polishes. Even though when the whole nail polish concept was invented, I went crazy with buying nail polishes and stickers, now I really, really buy any.

On Wednesday new collection of Callie's Picks arrived in plaza, named "Designer galore".

On the first look, items are nice, high-fashion pieces inspired by well known designers. But the prices, wow! Even there are few pieces that are actually worth the price, as they were selling in bazaars for much more; we gotta admit there are some pieces that are just way overpriced. For example, one dress costs 65 stardollars, even it was given out for free a while ago, and could be found in bazaar for much less. And even some items are quite nice and unique, I don't have a desire of spending that much stardollars on this store. There are just some nicer items out there in starplaza. Moving on.

Another offer by Stardoll. (Wow, we haven't had these for a while. Right?) Take a look bellow.

So basically, if you make/made any stardollars or superstar membership purchase during the weekend, you'd receive this cute cheerleader dress. But even the dress looks amazing, and I would love to own it, it was still not tempted to spend my real money in order to get it. Still, I think many would prefer getting extra stardollars or superstar membership for making a purchase, not a random dress.

Highlight of a week, in my opinion, though I bet many would agree, was a release of 2 new floors to Royalty store.

I gotta admit that the dresses are truly gorgeous. Makes me glad I am a royalty member. Even though we don't get many perks as we'd want, I am still quite satisfied with what we get. A store has some really nice, unique, high-fashion pieces. And even the prices seem a bit high, I am at least glad they are not limited, as the quality matches or even overrides the quality of some Limited Edition pieces. Or not. I know some will probably disagree, but this is my opinion, and as well as some other members' too, My favorites are long red gown, purple short dress, pink short dress, and the black outfit. Gonna buy these, and maybe some more, before my royalty membership expires.

Anyway, a nice, semi-interesting week. Still, I am repeating that we need an improved closet, maybe adding a search function for it, or auto arrange by color/type/brand. Also, a Year 2 of Stardoll Academy would be nice too. Now I am ending this post, and leaving a poll to chose your favorite moment, although I am pretty sure what most will chose. So vote, leave a comment, and see you next week.

~ Venus
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