15 days of Summer Heat released

Well, as almost everyone already saw, the 15 days of Summer Heat has been released!

It consists on fill the thermometer to unlock all the gifts and 1 extra month of Superstar. 

To unlock 5% more of stardollars that you purchased in your SS package, there will be necessary that we have 10.000 purchases from all over the world.
How many more purchases we will need to unlock 10% more of stardollars, 15% more of stardollars, 20% more of stardollars plus the bag inspired by Alexander McQueen and finally to unlock 25% more stardollars + 1 extra month of SS + the dress inpired by Alexander McQueen and the window?

Every purchase of SS membership is counting so, as many users buy SS membership, as fast we will unlock the bonuses. 

We need that the thermometer be full until 8th July and the bonuses will be delivered to our accounts and/or suites on 9th July.

Will you be buying any SS package?

xoxo, sdoreymenano

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