"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #64

Hello everyone! Ready for another weekly recap? Here we go!

The week started with an update to Stardoll home page.

As you can see, now we can see on Stardoll front page featured videos of creative, talented and well known users and their amazing suites. The update is okay, it is so easier to check out suites, and maybe get some ideas on decorating yours. But honestly, we were all expecting some other updates. Well, maybe next time.

The same day (Monday) we got another 2 floors of Transform make-up store.

A nice change from previous carnival colors. Natural tones, nice colors, quite wearable. There is nothing much I can say about this collection. I haven't bought a single item from the collection yet, as I have similar make up in my beauty parlor already. Yeah, prices are high, as usual for this store. Moving on.

On Wednesday Stardoll released 2 new floors to Riviera store.

Is it summer already? Well, not in my country. Even I quite like the collection, I don't think this is an appropriate time for beach clothes and bikinis. But on the other side, there are not seasons for our dolls, so we can wear winter jackets on summer and bikinis in winter. And as I said, the collection is really nice, with some really attractive pieces that can be worn on many different outfits.

And the end of a week marked a release of 2 new floors to MS.TQ store.

I really love the idea of this store. You can make your hair unique without having to spend lots of stardollars for buying stardesigned wigs. You can mix and match, and create some fantastic hairstyles. What I dislike is, again, no option to recolor the extensions and base hair. there are some really popular and easy to combine pieces.

Yeah, that's it. Sorry for kinda short recap, but I am tired and in a really bad mood. And I also wasn't inspired, but I'll try to make it up next week. Until then, vote on the poll, and see ya.

~ Venus
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