"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #62

Hello, everyone!!

Another boring week on Stardoll, agree? I mean, we didn't get new LE Decor, or new facial features we were hoping to get. I was also hoping for a new Strike-a-Pose, or new updates we were promised a while ago. Well, at least it is easier job for me, as I have only 3 things to recap. So here I go.

After a previous week's release of Millionaire Mansion interior collection, we now got 2 new floors of Millionaire Mansion clothing collection on Monday.

It is an okay collection. Notice the red top, named Silk Bamboo Braid Top, which is quite similar to one LE top from the latest collection, and an old HotBuys. But I still like it. Also, the black Floor Length Cardi seems to be quite interesting and popular among users. The gladiator sandals are quite affordable and pretty. Overall, there are some nice items that can be combined well, although I am sure some may make any of the items look good combined with right clothes.

On Wednesday, we got a new Spectacular collection.

I haven't seen many users wearing sunglasses on Stardoll, and I rarely do, even they can look really nice on my doll. The problem for most users is that they go to our beauty parlor, so we cannot have themed outfits in different rooms. As, they do not look good with every outfit, changing our clothes would make us have to change our look in beauty parlor. Still, I like the few pieces and I plan on buying them. There are some interesting colors, shapes and details. We have even one pair in starcoins, though they are pretty weird looking.

And on Friday we got another clothing collection, this time in store Evil Panda.

Am I the only one who thinks the collection, or at very least the idea for a collection, came from new Avril song "Hello Kitty"? But I definitely not a fan, neither of a collection, nor the store overall. Most of the pieces seem quite hard to match and combine. Too bright, to colorful, too tacky. My opinion, no offense to anyone. Also, some of the older items have left the store without any warning. On the other hand, seeing the spoiler Stardoll posted, many guys were probably expecting more than one outfit. Do you think guys on Stardoll deserve more clothes? And what do you think about the collection, your favorite items??

Well, it was okay week, nothing much to make me to spend my stardollars on. As usual, I am having hopes for a better next week. Until then, chose your favorite moment, and see you in a week.

~ Venus
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