June Hotbuys inspirations

As we already know the June Hotbuys will be these ones

And here are some real inspiration for them.

Fausto Puglisi - S/S 2014 - LEATHER BUCKLES PRINTED SILK TWILL SKIRT (special thanks to stardollrealbrands)

Paul's Boutique bag - NATASHA NEON GRADIENT LEOPARD (special thanks to Ms.Brigitte and Stardoll Most Wanted )

Betsey Johnson Spring Fashion Collection 2014 (special thanks to coolsavio)

Free as a Bird Ear Cuff - Nastygal (special thanks to oayes)

FREE SPIRITS JAGGED EDGE TEE - Wildfox (special thanks to oayes and Pinklovelemons)

DKNY GROMMET SNEAKER WEDGE WITH TOKEN (special thanks to songseohyun) 

Do you know any other? If you know, please let us know at the comments!

xoxo, sdoreymenano

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