Free peach stacked wood platforms (UPDATED)

Hey guys , remember those shoes we saw the other day in the spoilers?

 you can get it for free just click HERE
you should see now the screen like this :

    Now just put in your email address in the box that says "Your email address"
    and now click "sign me up!"

     You should be taken to your suite and the shoes should be in a starplaza box

    What do you think about the shoes on your doll? Got any ideas with the shoes?
    Feel free to post a pic what you have done with it down!

    Special thanks to Beth/Pavlovagurl
    UPDATE 1: If the link takes you to your suite , you're still going to find them in a starplaza box
    UPDATE 2 : Here are the real life versions of the heels , They are inspired by Jeffrey Campbell foxy wood platforms sandals . Special thanks to terrybear

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