"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #60

To everyone who is/was celebrating today, Happy Easter!! I hope you spent it nicely, with your family and friends, and I really hope you had a great time. I surely did.
Back on topic, last week on Stardoll was pretty much boring. No new updates, only some releases, one new offer, and a Easter related 'game'. In case you missed something, as every Sunday, I am here for you to recap you all of the important events and news. Read on.

On Monday, we got a new interior in Yacht Club store - Pretty n'Love collection!

The collection is really, really gorgeous. Colors, patterns, textures, everything seems so glamorous, perfect! And I really love the interior, showing sunset. One of the best interior collections Stardoll released in a while. But why no starcoin items? Not even one single item can be bought with those blue coins! Oh, well...

On Wednesday, we finally got another 2 floors of Tress Up wigs, in a collection named "Gone with the wind'. You can see why was collection named that by looking at the hairstyles.

All hairstyles look like they are windblown. And even the hairstyles looked fantastic in spoilers, not so many of them do actually look good on our dolls. The most popular item seems to be, as I could notice, the short Nina hair. I love that one, as well as the ponytail and a few more. Figured they will stay in store for a while, so I am not rushing yet to buy many, in fact, I only got one - Nina hairstyle. It is a nice idea, but they may look even better with windblown clothes. (There was a collection in Tingeling I think that had those types of clothes.) Pricier than usual, and no starcoin items, but that seems to be popular nowadays on Stardoll ;)

You waited for it so long, and, *hold your breath* , it is finally here - an Easter pass!! (Released on Thursday.)

So, for a price of approximately 7 pounds, you get 2 months of superstar membership, 300 stardollars, 400 starcoins, and 7 lovely gifts. Honestly, I don't get what's so special about this collection. I mean, it is true that the price is lower, but you get less stardollars. Gifts are okay, but again, nothing special. On the other side, for people who were planning to renew membership anyway, this is a nice incentive, and those bunny ears are kinda cute. And a blouse with a rabbit. (It is a rabbit, right?) And a secret item! I will not reveal what is it, but you can ask around on Stardoll, or ask people who bough the pass. (Hint: It is not an egg!)

On Thursday, Stardoll announced a little 'game' - The Egg hunt!

As I could understand, you have to search around Stardoll in order to find hidden Easter eggs. You have 3 baskets, each of them can have 7 eggs. So everyday you need to find 3 eggs, one belonging to each basket. If you collect them all, 7 days in a row, you will be rewarded with, well I have no idea what is it, but I am hoping for some nice outfits.
About the hunt, I am kinda torn. Practically, many blogs reveal where each egg is hidden everyday, which kinda takes out the fun of searching. On the other hand, does everyone have enough time to hunt for them everyday. My point - if you enjoy the hunt, avoid Stardoll blogs in next few days. But if you are lazy as me, go ahead, look on USD (or other blogs you follow) to see where they are hidden.

New collection of Original Future arrived on Friday.

This collections seems a bit 'sporty', which is okay, as we haven't had those in a while. Some nice dresses (I love the red/black hooded dress), and a cute denim jacket. Some nice starcoin items as well. Cute 'after gym shirt'. There's nothing else to say now..

Okay, this is kinda weird. A new release. On Sunday. (Which is, if you did not notice, well, today.) Pretty n'Love collection.

Cute, spring colors. Love the idea for a see-through bag with flowers. Nice dress with horizontal pink stripes. Also, the dress in the middle, some users managed to recreate it in stardesign, as we thought those items were going to be offered as gifts to Easter Pass. Which may seem to be the sole reason of Stardoll releasing this 'mini' collection, and on Sunday.

I have to add this, have you noticed that LE hasn't sold out yet! It's been over a week since the store release, and correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is the longest any LE stayed in starplaza before getting sold out. Why is that? Are people broke, or just find those dresses unattractive? Hm..

Like I said, a boooring week. Can't wait for a new one, so curious what gifts will we get from that Egg hunt. And what will be spending our virtual money on. Hoping for some nice, affordable items. But I'd prefer an update or two. See you next week!!

~ Venus
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