"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #59

Hello, readers!!

It is another Sunday, so it is time again for my weekly recap! For this week, I have decided to add something new in my segment. As you will see, I will use comments from 2 blog readers as a comment to an event. The reason for doing that is that I found those comments really good, informative and relevant, and I hope you will agree with me. Of course, I asked for permission first to use those comments, by directly quoting the commenter. Aaand, here we go:

On Monday, Nelly.com store got another 2 floors.

Stardoll has surely realized that we adore Nelly.com store. No wonder they keep releasing new collections now more often than usual. But they should also know we want nice pieces. Trendy, wearable and easy to combine. Good looking clothes, which this collection has only few.  Most users agree that this is the worst collection since the store opened on Stardoll. I do like some pieces, like the black denim skirt, and blue jeans (I can never have enough jeans!).

On Tuesday, we finally got an update we waited for so long. No, unfortunately, it is not an update for our closets. I am talking about The Vote.

Now you have to be at least level 8 in order to be able to submit your photo to The Vote. As it takes some time to get to level 8, there won't be anymore people making random accounts and submitting their photos to contest. Nice update. Though it did not prevent some newer users, above level 8, but with basic wardrobe and few starcoins, to submit their random outfits. We'll see how this will work out. But still, I am happy with this update. I get to see more nicely made photos while I work on earning my rewards. (Hey, how about an award system update? So sick of getting 1sc for voting!)

Another update this week. Wow, nice. Nope, still no closet update. It is a gifting update.

From now on, it is so much easier gifting clothes to your friends. All you have to do is hover over the desired clothing item, click on gift box (next to heart), and the photo like the one above appears. You can gift one item to 10 items at once, you can chose friends category, and select friends you would like to gift an item to.Also, in order to send gifts, you have to be a superstar, or level 12 or above, and you can not gift superstar items (like LE, Antidote) to non superstar friends.
I really like the update, as it is easier to send gifts to your friends, or give rewards for club/blog contests. I still wish though they worked on other updates, but this is okay too.

Again, time for another Callie's Picks collection. Named "Spring Whites", with, as you can guess, all white clothes!

Comment by Philotas:
"Is there truly anything left to say about Callie's Picks? Some old, some still in Plaza, some collectible, some cheap, some this, some that. Ah, did we really need parlor sunglasses to be re-released? Just out of curiosity, does anyone use them? I have some, but like most parlor things, the fact that they go in all rooms makes them just sort of sit there."

A bit too soon, but at least time properly announced and released in set time - a new Limited Edition collection!

Comment by Jinniy
"My verdict:
- I think it's pretty cool how Stardoll informed us about the release in advance and gave us an exact time. It makes things a lot less complex and more 'comfortable', I suppose. It saves a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Jk, but it's a lot nicer than having to refresh the page every other minute while waiting anxiously. (I know, I know it's just pixels, blah blah)
- It's awesome how they included an outfit for boys. Granted, it's *just* one outfit, but it's better than nothing, I suppose? The boys are usually on the short end and I'm glad that Stardoll didn't forget about them this time around. (Oh so greedy, nasty and vile girls buying all those clothes for boys is a different matter)
- The graphics and details are pretty stunning. Overall I think that it's a pretty good collection. Some items are very lovely. I think the skirts and dresses look amazing. I did notice that some designs have been re-used, but I don't think that this drags down the overall quality of the collection.
- The prices. Well, what I can say, not exactly too excited. This collection is a lot more expensive than some of the previous ones. I.e. charging 40 bucks for a belt or 260 for a dress. There's not much you can do about that, I guess. Stardoll is a business after all.
All in all a pretty neat collection. Just throwing my twenty cents in. I think SD deserves an occasional pat on the back. But just wait until Monday comes and a sale sweeps in; all hell will break loose."

So it was a fun week, and I guess your virtual wallets are empty, unless you think LE is overrated and did not want to spend your stardollars on overpriced clothes. Many were hoping for Easter Pass, to buy a ss membership and/or stardollars, but I guess that will come next week. Don't worry, Stardoll will keep releasing stuff to spend our stardollars on. I hope you liked my recap, and the small change I made. Please let me know if you like this idea, and of course, vote on the poll. See you next week!

~ Venus
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