Free gifts from Good Luck Charlie

If you are from UK follow the steps without any proxy.

If you are from anywhere else you can also get them using a manual proxy 
If you don't know how to use go HERE to learn how to use them
if you use mac/safari click HERE to learn how to use the manual proxies

Use one of these:

IP:  Port: 3128
IP: Port: 8080
IP: Port: 3128
IP: Port: 8080

After setting the proxy go here:
Log into your account and now go here:

Scroll down the page until you find this image:

To receive the fridge, click at the "Disney Channel Good Luck Charlie page" link and you will be redirect to the official page of the series, wait a little; you can close that page now.
To receive the dress you need to watch the video at the club.

Now ... to receive the camera, you have to scroll the page a little more and share the club with a British friend, so you need to have at least 1 British friend to receive the gift, ok?

Done!! Get rid of the manual proxy!!
The freebies will be in your suite in a while.

xoxo, sdoreymenano
special thanks to worldfridens 

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