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GUYS, I know it is a long text, but please read it carefully!! 

I sent a message to M_Themis (USD owner) asking her to make rules for the comments section, but she is really busy at her real life and she didn't had time to make the rules yet, so as I am a writer for USD for almost 2 years and I am trying to do my best to keep this blog updated, I would like to put some order until M_Themis make the official rules, ok?

M_Themis, please forgive me if I am abusing my position here, but I am really worried about USD reputation, ok?

Like I said, I am not USD owner, but I don't like to see a lot of USD followers going away because of the mess that the comment section turned into!!

I and also the other writers are trying to bring you all the news that we find or that someone found and let us know at the comments section, but now, we are not able to find any comment with some help quickly, anymore. 

An example was yesterday, in the "May Hotbuys" post!! Two readers (Elz946 and Luksgirl) posted the real versions of some of the May Hotbuys into the comments and I only could see their comments a lot of hours after they had posted their comments, because you guys were playing here, were having a "chat" and the comments section turned impossible to read!!

Do you like USD? I love this blog and I don't want to see everyone saying that the blog is a mess nowadays with so many OFF TOPIC comments!! So why turn this blog into a chat? THIS IS NOT RIGHT, GUYS!!

Sorry for the rant, but I really had to try to do something!!

So here you go:

1 - DO NOT use USD comment section as a place to make trades or private deals such as selling starcoins items for stardollars, or even sell/buy for over than 600 sd / 600 sc. Those actions are forbidden by Stardoll rules so they are also forbidden here, ok?

For those who don't know here are the Stardoll rules: http://www.stardoll.com/en/help/article.php?sectionId=18&articleId=13

2 - Do you have things for sale? Post it ONCE, but all the persons asking for things and to reservations, please do it at the GB of the seller, not here!!

3 - Are you looking for something? Well, post it ONCE with your stardoll username, so if someone find it for you, they will go to your GB to tell you!!

4 - Please don't do raffles or games to "guess something" into the comments section, this kind of thing turn the comments section too crowded of OFF TOPIC comments!! 

5 - Do you want to know how much something is worth? Post it once, and someone will answer you, as soon as they see it, ok?

6 - "How is my outfit?", "how is my new suite?" Please post it ONCE and only at 1 post or otherwise, the comments will be crowded again!! If I or any other moderators see that you are posting the same thing on more then one post and/or more than once we will delete your comments!!

7 - Do you want a beauty or outfit makeover? Well post it (again, ONCE) that you want a makeover with your stardoll username and people who want to do it, will do it into Stardoll and will take a picture with Stardoll camera and will say to you at YOUR GB to see at their photos or album. Please pay attention -> who will make the outfit or beauty makeover will NOT login into your suite (so you will NOT share passwords, it is forbidden by Stardoll rules, besides that it is dangerous to share passwords). This makeover that we are talking about is like the ones we have to do at Stardoll academy, ok?

8 - Do you need help to have hearts at your Yearbook? You can post it once and people will go heart it and they will say at your GB that they hearted, right?

9 - Do you want that we vote you for album / scenery / CG / whatever? : post your username and what you want we to vote, one time only and only at 1 post and then we will comment at your GB / scenery / album that we voted, ok?

10 - We don't want gossip here, so don't start this kind of conversation.

11 - PLEASE, don't post videos at the comments as they turn our internet connection very slow!

12 - DON'T post personal information, like your e-mails, your photos, your usernames at anywhere else. Anyone will be able to see and we never know who is at the other side of the screen, ok?

13 - DON'T post pictures / gifs WITH swear or bad language into it nor disgusting / nasty pictures!! It is not funny! There are young kids that visit USD! 

14 - DON'T bully, offend, attack, swear, make someone else unconfortable or use bad language (even if you are kidding)

Well, hope all of you understand me and don't think that I am being bossy, I am only worried about the safety of all of us and the reputation of this blog!!

xoxo, sdoreymenano

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