"Last week on Stardoll" - week #57

Hello, readers!

Time for yet another weekly recap. I am sure many of you know already what happened last week on our favorite online game, but for ones who don't have enough time to check the blog every day for updates, (or are just lazy/not interested and like reading only recap), and for ones who actually do enjoy reading it, (love you all!), here we go!

The week started kinda slowly. Yet another 'ordinary' collection release: It-Girls this time!

Bright, summer colors, nice prints and design - perfect items to freshen up our virtual wardrobes with some new garments. My favorite are the jeans (can't have enough of them), the pink HotBuys jacket, and the yellow/white/black dress. Notice the top which is almost identical to one we can get for free in starplaza. (If they didn't remove it by now, the free one) It is in starcoins though, so if you like it, go for it!

On Wednesday, new Callie's Picks collection, named "Pretty in Pastel"

Items are really, really nice, but honestly, I am not a big fan of pastel colors and clothes in those colors. Many HotBuys collectors are surely angry, as there are at least 5 old HotBuys that got re-released. Though they are now not named as HotBuys, but are wearing Callie's Picks tag. Some other rares are there too, as usual. Yeah, again I know it is the time of a year perfect for pastel colors, but not for me.

I don't usually chose my favorites, but this one is an absolute hit, not just for this week, but for whole month! It is new collection of an interior store called Furry Friends!

Yeah, I am sure you already know I do not buy interior, but just look at those adorable animals! There are puppy's, kittens, and even a baby panda. Cuteness overload! And they are surprisingly quite affordable, for prices in range 7-11sd, and some in starcoins. For ones who know my doll, they know I have a room dedicated to cats with about 20 different cats. I love cats.
The reason I did not buy any of those yet is, well read ahead.

New collection of Subcouture hit the starplaza on Friday.

As the previous collection, it stayed in starplaza for 48 hours only. There were some really gorgeous long gowns, as well as some cute short dresses. Definitely better collection than the previous one. What was new, is that 2 dresses were for superstars only, and available for only 2 hours. It created a problem for users who had classes at the time, or were at work. Also, for people in Australia it was between 0am and 2am, which is kinda unfair, making people stay up late or set an alarm to wake them up so they could get them.
Prices were okay, nothing unusual. A total price for all items was a bit less than 600sd, which is not too much, considering that some people sometimes pay that much for a single item in starbazaar.

Interesting week, agree? Only releases though, but some quite good ones. So chose your favorite, and see you next week.

~ Venus
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