"Last week on Stardoll" - week #54

Good evening! It is late here, and I am tired and sleepy, but I'm still gonna go through with this post, though I apologize in advance if I make any mistakes. Not so exciting week as the previous one was. One big disappointment, few releases - nothing really special. Here we go!

We could definitely see this coming - new Young Hollywood mini collection, inspired by The Oscars.

The dresses are truly gorgeous. I wish they made another dress, instead of that man suit. I am sure though many girls bought it, (including me), so they could resell it later, because guy clothes are quite uncommon on Stardoll, and can have big value.

New collection of Bonjour Bisou (kinda random).

There is really not much to say about the collection, the items are just not really appealing, to me at least. Wait for a sale? The best option. Unless you find something you really like, and want, like now.

Stardoll has reached a huge milestone - 300 million opened accounts. But I am really, really disappointed by the way they decided to celebrate it. Really disappointed. See why:

Okay, 1st of all, why gift-o-meter? Why not get all those items for free? After all, this is a really huge milestone. Yeah, we got a free outfit, but only 3 items. And as many guessed it, we got 300 starcoins. I mean, I don't ask for 300 stardollars, but how about 100? 30 at least? Anyone remembers previous celebrations? (Some really older ones - ah, those amazing Lottery dresses) Hm, maybe next time.. Or not.

The most popular non limited store got a new collection - Nelly.com is the store, in case you don't know.

They never fail to impress, that's for sure. 2 new floors of fashionable, trendy, gorgeous items. A nice way to fill up your gift-o-meter. I really love this store, and I am always happy to see some new collections.

Yeah, not so exciting week. Told you so. As usual, vote on the poll, and leave your feedback if you wish.

~ Venus

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