Captured: duquesa10

Hello dollies, how are you today?? Did you enjoy your Carnival?
It´s Mateotkd again, and I had a great time these past days.

Today I captured duques10 from Venezuela.
I really like the way she mix the colours with the tartan jacket, nice choice!

She´s wearing:
YSL Leopard Glasses -  Saint Laurent Tribute
Tartan Bomber Jacket - Doesn´t say Store on label
Brass Botton Jacket - Gucci
Marengo Jacket - Nelly
Black Sheer Mock turttleneck - Doesn´t say Store on label
Faux Leather Top - It Girls
Valentino Crossbody Purse - Valentino Tribute
HotBuy Zipper Pocket Jeans - Bonjou Bizou
Rocker Heels - Callie´s Picks


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