"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #52

Hello, friends! About a year ago, I got accepted as a columnist for this fantastic blog. My column idea was chosen as the best amongst many, and soon after I started posting here. And it has been pleasure doing my weekly recaps, as well as receiving all your feedback, I loved reading your comments, your opinions, and your ideas. And even sometimes I was tired, or lazy, I never missed a doing a single recap. I hope I will stay here more and present you even more recaps.
Aaand, here we go again!!

The week started with Riviera Carnival collection release.

The collection is nice, colorful, with some kinda unusual pieces, especially the white carnival outfit, which seems to be the most popular. I also liked the black skirt, which could also look good layered on top of an ordinary one. A bit too early for summer outfits, since it is wither in Northern hempisphere though. I kinda loved the masks too, as they can look good with some other outfits, you can try, mix and match.

Another offer by Stardoll. (Don't we get too many of them?)

This time, with any superstar membership or stardollars purchase would reward you with this unique, animated make up. And by animated, they meant sparkling, similar to ones in Luxe. I really liked the design of the items, but colors are nothing special. And I am really sad they didn't make it available for everyone, at least to be able to be bought. Or maybe release new make up collection inspired by these pieces?

On Wednesday, new Splendid collection got released, this too inspired by Carnival in Rio.

A variety of face make-up, which would have been impossible to achieve with regular make-up products available in starplaza. Of course, they are not suitable for everyday wearing, but rather for some unusual outfits, or on special occasions. Prices are kinda fair, too bad there is only 1 starcoin item. I haven't really tried them on my doll, but I probably will get some later.

With February coming to the end, Stardoll, of course, announced the following month's HotBuys.

I am really not impressed. Except that pink jacket, it may look good with a plain tee, and a pair of skinny jeans, maybe pink heels. Okay, the beige dress looks good too. And the bag too. We'll see when they actually come out, how they work with our doll's skin tone, facial features, style. And I am curious to see how the dress on a mannequin really looks.

In my opinion, one of the best releases in a while - new PPQ collection.

Bright colors, neat shapes and the best of all - it is not limited. (Unlike the previous PPQ collection which stayed about a week.) There isn't really much to say about this collection, except it is a must buy. Maybe some will wait for a sale, but I am not really sure I could wait that long. Again, I wasn't quite active on Stardoll last week.

A treat for interior designers too - new Golden Sands interior collection - inspired by summer.

Nice idea for people who want to design their Stardoll suites by making them summer themed. I really love some of the pieces, but again, Stardoll, winter is still here. Or maybe they realized most users prefer these kinds of interior pieces, bright and summery.

Yeah, kinda interesting week. And by the latest spoiler, the next week will start with an exciting new feature. I am not really sure what it will be, but it seems interesting. By then, vote for your favorite moment, and see ya next week.

Lots and lots of love,
~ Venus

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