"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #51

Hello, everyone! I hope today was a good day as mine, or even better. I spent it with my cousins, and spent barely few minutes on Stardoll. That's the reason I am writing my post kinda late (around 8 pm in my country). And here we go again.

Stardoll continued their Valentine's themed releases with new Polished collection on Monday.

As usual - nalipolishes look better in bottles, and most look weird on nails, which are again, barely visible. For a price of a single nailpoilish you could get some nice clothing item instead. I might get 2 or 3, though I am usually too lazy to change them when changing my doll's outfit and/or make up. I only wish doing nails in real life was that simple as on Stardoll.

An update, which happened few days before USD reported it - The Vote feature becoming available to non-superstars.

For a price of 10 starcoins, non-superstar members can submit their photos to the contest. Which is really good, for creative, talented members who either refuse to spend their real money on a virtual game, or their superstar membership has expired. Unfortunately, you can now see more photos of fairly newly created accounts, with dolls wearing beginner clothes, standing in front of closet doors, and absolutely not following the given theme. I mean, sure, it is okay to give all members same rights, but this just clutters up The Vote, and really talented dolls just can be hardly seen.

New Callie's Picks collection, and another disappointment, served to us on Wednesday.

There were way too many items that would have looked way better than these. Overpriced previous freebies and sc items, an 'exclusive and never coming back to starplaza' pink guitar, and many tacky, weird clothing items. Also, the first time Callie's Picks started bringing back old stuff, I was expecting to see nice collections with long forgotten and lost old items, vintage stuff, and some nice themed stuff. Not just randomly made tacky collections, not to mention overpriced. No, no, no. Fingers crossed that the next collection will be in fact nice and decent.

On the actual Valentine's day, Stardoll decided to give us a nice surprise - cute heart necklace.

It was really nice of them, and even it doesn't match everyone's taste, it is rather cute. Also, anyone remembers red balloon we got for our suites several years ago, for V-day as well? A cute treat every once in a while won't hurt their budget, but rather make (at least most of) members happy.

Anyone remembers Stardoll Academy? You know, the thing when we got to do some tasks on Stardoll and earn nice prizes? No, this wasn't, unfortunately, a new SA year, but instead a simple task. Take a look:

Of course it is related to the newest Stardoll contest/update - The Vote. 2 simple tasks, and a cute, but for some users pointless reward.

I was hoping for some stardollars, or rather a nice clothing item/accessory. Or at least a photo of a cat. I love cats.

It hasn't even passed a month after the latest infamous LE clothing item release, another hit to our virtual (and real) wallets - LE decor collection. (Yes, of course it is/was V-day themed.)

Surprisingly, only 1 floor. Has Stardoll realized that users prefer clothes, or at least like overpriced clothes more than overpriced interior? Items are, well, okay (but please, make those 'keep calm' posters more often). Dogs are cute, but again, I love cats.

A whole week summarized in this, kinda short article. Still, many interesting stuff happened. But seriously, enjoy the nice weather (if it is nice at you), and in case you miss something on Stardoll, any update, release, etc, come back next Sunday for yet another weekly recap. By the time, vote on the poll.

~ Venus
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