"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #50

Hello readers, and welcome to 50th post of my weekly column on USD! I really hope you enjoy reading this column, as I love reading your comments and opinions on it. So here we go again!

To honor upcoming Valentine's day, (and earn some extra cash), Stardoll decided to release a new Epiphany collection on Monday - Valentine's day inspired of course!

The pieces are really nice. The prices are okay, considering this is the most expensive jewelery store on Stardoll. There are even 2 starcoin items. I love the heart earrings and a charm bracelet, although I rarely wear bracelets, because they sometimes go over my clothes, and I dislike necklaces sometimes, as they still can't go under our hair (except stardesign hair). I think they could have added some more pieces though.

On Wednesday, Stardoll announced that Tress Up Holiday collection was definitely leaving the starplaza!

This collection was surely one of the best, if not the best Tress Up collections since the opening of a store. The hairstyles go well with many different face shapes, hair colors and skin colors. Not all, of course. They aren't that pricey, considering how much you have to pay for, for example, stardesign hair. I hope you bought everything you wanted, as the collection is gone by now, and hairstyles can't be sold in starbazaar. But could we expect Valentine's day Tress Up collection? Let's hope so!

Of course we got this - a Valentine's Pass, released on Thursday.

To be honest, this is the worst pass we've gotten in years. The price for a whole package is barely lower than the original price of 2 months membership, at least in my country. And only 5 gifts? I'm not impressed. Let's just hope for some more V-day offers, hopefully better ones. Or just wait for Easter pass..

Another V-day inspired release - new Pretty'n'Love collection, which came this Friday.

Pastel colors, girly items - everything a girl wants for her favorite holiday (well, at least some girls). The prices range from 6 to 24 stardollars, and there are 3 starcoin items. I am not sure I'll buy anything, well maybe except starcoin items. Yeah, as usual, I am sure many of you can make fantastic outfits using those items (as I've seen come in comments). Not me though.

Well, that was it. I hope you liked this, what it looked like, a Valentine's day themed week. Or you are waiting for more releases/updated V-day related? While you are waiting, look back on the this recaped week, and chose your favorite moment.

~ Venus
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