"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #49

Hello readers! How's weather at your place? Here is freezing cold, so I made a nice cup of coffee, got my cat in my lap, ready to present you yet another week on your favorite site. Here we go.

On Monday, we got a new Spectacular collection.

Kinda random. Also why sunglasses on winter? Okay, I understand it is summer at some places, but not on the most. The shapes and colors are.. well, unusual, different. Also, I am sure not many users like wearing sunglasses on Stardoll, especially the ones that go in our beauty parlor. Though there are 2 items in starcoins, so if you got too many of them and nothing to spend them on, go grab them.

We cannot say we haven't seen this coming - the Vote taking over Catwalk contest, now on a front page of Stardoll as well!

Some preferred catwalk, but I am sure you could all get used to the Vote. It influences people to actually participate in voting by promising them awards, and even they are usually lame, every once in a while you may get a nice rare. All starcoin stuff, unfortunately, so you can't get much by selling them. It also makes users work not only on their outfit, but a background as well. A zoom in button would be nice, though.

On Wednesday, we got a new top up offer from Stardoll, in which you get 15% extra stardollars when topping up.

Not much, really. Unless you purchase large amounts of stardollars, or in case you are still broke from the latest LE collection. A 50% extra would have been much nicer. (Though I don't purchase stardollars anyway.) You may better use that money to purchase a superstar membership and try selling some stuff, or making and selling your designs.

New Callie's Picks collection, which goes by the name "Red Carpet Ready" - on Wednesday too, as usual.

The dresses are fairly nice, but there were so many better dresses they could re-release. (I was really hoping for a Heidi Klum dress, not because it is rare, but because it is so gorgeous.) There were some rares, of course, (like that zebra print dress which I almost bought for around 200sd few weeks ago - phew!), Mortal Kiss Dress, Alice & Olivia dress, Faith Hill dress, McQueen dress, etc. The biggest disappointment is definitely Angelina dress, priced at 28 stardollars, when you could find for about 8sd in Voile (not sure, it is gone now).

New Basics Collection on Friday - same theme (Black and White) like the previous collection, only this time we got an interior collection. Take a look.

I think it is fantastic collection. The pieces are simple, yet classy and trendy. Also, sold in starcoins. What could you ask more? I am sure you can use many of the pieces to create a nice room, but remember to add pieces from some other stores to add some color and contrast.

And finally, the last release for the week -  a new Fallen Angel collection.

A quite nice collection. Although, all black, seems a bit boring. It is nice having one or 2 black items in your outfit, but all black is, well even some say it is classy, it is kinda boring. Except for goth users, or the ones experimenting with different styles. The dresses are kinda cute (my doll is wearing one atm). I also like 2 or 3 more items. Yeah, kinda boring.

Quite enough updates, but still, the week seemed kinda boring. Maybe spice up the next one with some site updates we've been wanting like forever. Or release new Super Supreme, Basics Fashion, new Tress Up hairstyles, or how about some new wigs and/or wings?
In the meantime, let me know how the week was to you, and vote for your favorite moment.

~ Venus
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