Free Necklace

If you are from UK click HERE watch the movie and the necklace will be at your suite in a while.

Now If you are from anywhere else you HAVE TO use a manual proxy, otherwise there is no way to do it.
(If you do not know how to use manual proxies click HERE to learn. You have to FOLLOW THE STEPS EXACTLY AS IT IS WRITTEN!!!!)

Use one of these:

IP:  port : 3128
IP:  port : 80
IP:  port: 3128
IP:  port: 3128
IP: port: 3128
IP: port: 3128

After setting one of the proxies go here:

Log in and then go HERE, watch the video.

Done, now you can leave the proxy and go to Stardoll as usual, the necklace will be at your suite. 

special thanks to worldfridens and astrid

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