Buy more stardollars/membership is more expensive now!

Stardoll has increased the price for more stardollars or memberships in some countries!!

For example if I had bought 3000sd with credit card yesterday here in Brazil, I would had payed R$69,95, but now, if I try to buy the same amount of stardollars, I will pay R$90,95. This represents an increase of 30%.

The same thing is happening with the Valentine's pass: If I had bought it until yesterday I would had payed R$15,95 however now it is costing R$20,95 which is an increase of more or less 30% too.

What do you think of this increase at the prices?

xoxo, sdoreymenano
special thanks to Philotas

Perhaps the rise in prices in some countries is due the fact that Stardoll calculates the prices in American Dollars (USD$), then if the amount of dollars continues the same, they just made the exchange equivalence to other currencies, but even so, this increase is very large for some countries!!

Thanks to TOPsTopVIPxD  and ditzygypsy 

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