"Last week on Stardoll" - week #48

Hello, friends! Tired from waiting, refreshing, waiting on this Friday? I am sure you all know what am I talking about, but for those who don't, you're gonna have to wait until the end of this post. Yeah, there were some other interesting things, but let's be honest, nothing can top the last item I will be recapping.

The week started with kinda random update - new Evil Panda collection.

I am sure there are fans of this style on Stardoll. And I am pretty confident that there aren't many, probably younger users, experimenting with styles. That's the beauty of Stardoll: experimenting with different styles, without having to spend tons of money and get weird looks from people. Though I do like the one item, black tee with a heart.

A new top up offer on Tuesday, hinting the long awaited store. This time a quite good one. Check it out:

So for any purchase, either stardollars or superstar membership, you could get this gorgeous hairstyle. It seemed perfect, but there are 2 things I disliked: the offer lasted really short, (only 2 days), and we don't have those facial features shown on doll in our beauty parlors. I am not sure this hairstyle would look good on other dolls and in other colors, making yet another flaw in this offer: we couldn't actually try it on our dolls. Still, it made me actually consider the offer.

Another interior release this week too - a new Winter Peak collection.

Nice, cozy, perfect for winter themed rooms, (as it is supposed to be). Not really sure whether it is worth spending stardollars on it, as the winter won't last forever, and again, like Christmas themed suites, it may look weird on summer. Except you want to have it as nice vacation spot for winter.

February HotBuys got announced on Thursday, of course, Valentine's day themed.

On a first look, there was nothing I liked. But actually, there are few nice pieces. We will have to wait and see how will they look on our dolls before deciding whether to buy or skip it.

Here it goes, the highlight of a week, but not just because of the release, but the drama that came along it. Of course, I am talking about new LE collection release!

The collection is gorgeous, much better than the previous few collections. The problem: The collection was supposed to arrive about 11 am (GMT), so people were refreshing, checking out the front page, checking USD for spoilers, over and over again. By the 6 pm, Stardoll announced on Twitter that the collection was coming 'any minute now'. Which meant 2 and a half hours later. So I spend over 2 hours refreshing, checking out the front page, checking USD for spoilers, over and over again. By the time spoilers started showing up, UnderneathStardoll's comment section went crazy - one topic got over 2.000 comments, and at the one point of a time there were over 1.000 users online on USD, making the site loading slow even for people with fast computers and Internet connection. Thankfully, some users posted a link to put all the LE items in shopping cart at once, so after again someone said that LE was out, unlike some other people who thought it was a cruel joke, like some did, I visited the link. There were all there! And being tired of waiting and just wanting to get rest, I just put them all in shopping cart and pressed 'buy' button. Over 4.000 stardollars gone in a second. Not that I am regretting, most pieces are truly gorgeous. I am sure many did the same, not debating what to buy and what not, just grabbing them all. I am also sure many got mad, disappointed, annoyed that they missed their favorite pieces. (Though I think more annoyed were people who missed eating, sleeping, or studying.)

So anyway, it was a quite busy week, with updates literally every day. I hope you got what you wanted from LE, I also hope if you missed it, you aren't too mad, after all it just a game. For most users at least :) Now go and vote on the poll, and as usual, see you next week.

~ Venus
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