"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #47

Hello readers. As we could expect, opposite from last boring week, this week we got quite a lot updates. After spending some time debating which things I should leave out from this week's recap, I decided to focus on the most important ones, and leave out 2 'ordinary' releases, which I will mention by the end of the post. Here we go!

The Vote contest page got a new layout, check it out bellow:

Now the buttons are on the top (they used to be on the right). The layout seems much more neater and organized. Some things will never change, I am sure, and those are dressing according to theme. But who's got a time for it? Now, seriously, I thought it would be a challenge to users dressing at specific themes, not just making a random outfit. Oh, well..

New change in Starplaza too, same day (Monday), check it out:

Basically, whenever you buy an item (or more?), Stardoll suggests you items that would look good with the bought item. Not really useful feature, and sometimes suggestions are totally random. Though I didn't get that box appear when I buy stuff. Maybe because I have already too many stuff in my suite..
Yes, we need changes and updates, but not like these. I have mentioned too often what we actually need, I don't want to repeat myself..

Finally something worth spending stardollars on - new 'mini' Young Hollywood collection, inspired by the Golden Globe Awards show.

My absolute favorite is that pink dress in the middle, though as I could see, many preferred the dress on the top right. Shoes are quite simple. Overall, I loved the collection, and I am kinda glad it was just a mini collection, as I'd prefer to spend stardollars on new LE (hoping it will come out soon).
Yeah, many also got annoyed that Stardoll changed those dresses and are slightly different from the originals, but they do it all the time, nothing unusual.

New Callie's Picks collection - inspired by Statement tees, on Wednesday, as usual.

Finally a collection that didn't include some quite rare stuff. Personally, I do not like it. I like only a few pieces, and they are not the tees. They re-released some items that were cheap and sold in starcoins, making them expensive and in stardollars. Not cool, especially as they are not that rare and that valuable.

Yeah, finally a sale at starplaza, which started on Friday, not what we expected though.

First thing I dislike, is that is 3 for 2 sale (you buy 3 items and you get the cheapest one for free). I prefer 50% off sale. Also, don't be tricked, Stardoll will count a starcoin item as cheapest, even if the other items are in stardollars and would be cheaper when converting in starcoins.
The other thing I dislike is that there is not a sale at Nelly.com, the favorite store of most users. No tribute store on sale either, or Basics. Or interior/beauty section sale.

New releases this week:
- New Après Ski collection - winter themed pieces and outfits - not a big fan of those.
- 'New' Roots floors - consisting mostly of old stuff, good thing is there are many starcoin items. Hard to combine though. 

Yeah, a good week, agreed? Always hoping for a better one, of course. What are your expectations for the following week? Also chose your favorite moment from this week, as see you next week

~ Venus
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