"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #46

Hello! Really slow week too, as the previous one. It is understandable, there were holidays, Stardoll staff are human after all, people need to get rest, maybe go on vacation. That's why I got only 3 things to recap for this week. Here they go.

New collection of Holidays on Stardoll stuff, which will later appear at It Girls store.

Cute outfits, my, and most other users' favorite outfit seems to be the first one - the Paris tee and denim shorts are amazing. (Not sure about shoes and eyeglasses though.) I am not a big fan of the other outfits, but I am sure, as usual, that some of you will be able to combine them and make nice, trendy outfit. (You'd probably need to add stuff from other stores too.) One question: Are we gonna get more of those 'Holidays on Stardoll' mini collections, since the holidays are over?

We wanted that for a really long time, waited (im)patiently, and finally we got it, and even better then ever: A new Basics collection, consisting only of black and white items. Fantastic!

In this collection, we got skirts, jeans, tops, dresses, bags, shoes, etc. - all in black and white each. The items are kinda simple, but something you need a simple item to add to your outfit and make it stand out. And the best of all, they are all in starcoins! Yay, finally a chance to spend all of your starcoins that have been sitting in your virtual pocket for a while.

By the end of a week, we got yet another addition to Opulence interior store - 2 floors of Indian themed interior.

A nice idea, adding an oriental 'touch' to your suite, or dedicating a whole room or 2 to this collection, making fantastic room. A good idea would be adding some other stuff, jet trying to stick to the theme. Or not. If you got some extra stardollars, give it a try, mix and match, play with your virtual room. If you wish so, of course.

Yeah, that's it! Told you it was gonna be short. There were some other things worth only mentioning, like some new Hot Buys, the lat chance to buy Voile Holiday boutique stuff and Valentino Tribute, and some freebies, as usual. I am really hoping Stardoll gets back from a break, and give us some amazing surprises. (*hint* New Limited Edition *hint*). Go vote on the poll, although I am pretty sure what most members will chose *wink*.

~ Venus
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