"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #45

Good evening, friends! First of all, I want to wish you all Happy New 2014th year! May it bring you lots of joy, happiness, love, and success! Also, I hope you had a good time celebrating it, whether on a party with your friends, or watching movies with your family/friends at home.
Since this is the first week of new year, not much happened on Stardoll. I will, as usual, recap only the most important stuff. Here we go!

As many of you expected, on the first day of New Year, all of the Holiday calender Hot Hot Buy items became available to be bought.

Great idea for people who missed some, or couldn't decide at given day when it got released. The calender was okay, but honestly, I was expecting some nicer stuff. My absolute favorite were gold heels, red dress is okay, and I am one of few that actually liked butterfly purse. Yes, I liked jeans, too. I was kinda annoyed, though, as I couldn't get earrings, because whenever I tried to get them, it said that they were unavailable. Hoping for better calender items next year.

The same day, though only a week after previous release, we got new collection of Callie's Picks - "Think Pink" being the theme of collection.

Hmm.. Let's see what we got here: an Abbey Dawn skirt, 2 Hot Buys dresses, a never-released-before RC dress, few Mark Fast tribute items, PPQ dress, rare pink coat, even rarer shopping bags, Frankie Morello tribute dress, etc; and even controversial Migliukee shoes. 
Too pink? Agreed. I mean, it is nice having few pink items to spice up your wardrobe, and mix and match, but not 50 pink items. Unless you are really rich, and/or want to invest in stuff you can sell later. I absolutely love pink long gown, and I really hope they (re)release some more Real Celeb clothes. That, a pink ballerina dress, and Mortal Kiss shoes. I'll probably get a shopping bags, because they are rare. (Even they are never gonna be the same value as before, I guess.)

On Friday, a nice surprise - a new collection of Velvet Orchid.

Yeah, I used to be fan of that kind of items, but not anymore. They are nice for teenage girls, not too girly, but yet not so for adults either. My highlights of the collection are purple tights and armwarmers, Erica Lattice dresses and legging, and latex lace up skirt. Yeah, more for older teens. For users with no stardollars, there are a nice silver top and skirt in starcoins, as well as few other items.

Yeah, like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, not much important stuff this week. There were also some random holiday items released by the end of a year, few January Hot Buys, and also announce of Chanel Tribute clothes leaving today tomorrow. (Definitely no goodbye sale, so go grab them while you can, if you like them, of course.)

As the last year, I am continuing making polls, and I am really curious to see which moment you chose as your favorite. So go ahead, vote, and see you next week!

~ Venus
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