"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #35

Hello everyone, and once again, welcome to my weekly recap of the most important Staroll updates and releases from this week. Gotta admit, this week has been full of news, and in case you missed some, here goes a brief analysis of the most important ones.

As Halloween is really close, Stardoll decided to treat us with another release - Halloween themed Fantasy Hotel store floors!

I gotta say I am quite pleased with this store, especially because it isn't another 'resurrected' one. And my absolute favorite is that black kitten with bat wings, even it is kinda pricey, it is so worth the price. These items are perfect for Halloween themed rooms, especially when mixed with some old stuff. I am pretty sure most of users will decorate at least room or two for this holiday. Will you?

On Tuesday, the biggest Stardoll competition was finished, revealing a SweetSkyangel as a winner.

I congratulate her, and to all who made it to finals. I am really glad such a beautiful doll won, and especially she's an European user. To all others, better luck next year! 
On the other hand, I'm really glad MSW is over, as now broadcasts are back to normal, not overpopulated and taking forever to appear, and also more users wanting to spend money now on clothes, instead of advertising. 

On Wednesday, November hotbuys were announced. 

Honestly, I dislike most of the pieces from this collection, as I'm not much into animal print, gold tones, or pink.  I highly doubt I will be getting any of the items, unless they are really cheap, but who am I kidding? Of course, this is just my opinion. 

The same day, Stardoll decided to do another 'resurrection', with a kinda cheesy title, "Callie's Picks".

A horrible, horrible idea, bringing back old, rare, valuable items. A worst nightmare for collectors, resellers, and any other older users. But wait, that's not the worst part. As you could read in store description, new collections will arrive every week! Yeah, I know Stardoll wants to please newer members, but they don't understand that the older members usually spend more money on premium membership and stardollars. And nothing is 'sacred' anymore. Just in this collection there is an ELLE item, a tribute items, and quite amount of 'ordinary' rares, like that tartan heart purse, or tartan skirt. I do not like this. Just no. But what is your opinion?

Two stores got their 50% off sale, on Thursday and Friday respectively. 

I am very pleased with this sale, though I still haven't bought anything, I still plan though, soon, maybe after I finish this post. I am not sure, though, will MSW Dot be leaving after the sale, as the contest is over now. But what about MSW clothing store - will we get a sale, or they will just leave without a warning?

Again, for users who like themed rooms, nice sale, for others, you can just skip it. I am wondering, will these floors disappear after the sale, and most importantly, when will the sale be over? Any users actually using those items? I'd like to see what kind of room you created! 

This week was really full, and even I had to leave out some new updates, (which I will mention later), I still gotta review the new release, the store is Pretty n'Love, and a new collection arrived on Friday.

I don't know why Stardoll keeps releasing new clothes for this store, as I am sure it is one of the least popular ones. Clothes are either too girly, or 'grandma clothes'.  And with these prices? No thanks. Also, in case Stardoll hasn't noticed, the summer is over, and wee need more Fall themed pieces. Just saying.

As promised, here are the other highlights if this week:

- YouTube make up contest - Halloween themed. Some winners have already been chosen, and you can see them on Stardoll's Facebook page
- New hidden store - inspired by Sims 3 latest expansion back, named "Into the future"
- Hot Buys releases - HB Embossed Jacket, and HB Club Leggings.

Wow, what a week! I hope you enjoyed my recap, and now go chose your favorite moment in a poll bellow, or make a comment, I love reading your comments. See you soon,

~ Venus

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