"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #33

Hello friends. How was your week? On Stardoll, this week they made us spend stardollars like crazy, with so many new offers and releases. Read on to find out more.

On Monday, a highly anticipated sale finally started.

50% off, on almost all clothing stores. Fantastic, isn't it? So many stuff to buy, so much temptation, desire to grab some of the pieces we've kept on our wishlists for a while. An urge to spend money on clothes we may not really need, but still want to grab, because they are on a such a good discount. Typical girls, right?
I suggest you think before you buy. Will you ever wear it? Will it look good with many items, or just few? Will you be able to resell it and get a significant profit? Still, don't think for too long, as the sale may end soon.

New design - is it really worth mentioning? Well, if I mentioned the previous ones, why not this one as well?

A sporty jacked. Priced 12 stardollars. I highly doubt many will buy it, (at least from their real accounts, if you know what I mean), as there is a previously mentioned huge sale, and some other releases *hint*.

New Hot Buys, one on Tuesday, and the other one on Wednesday. Take a look, if you haven't seen them already:

The dress, it just doesn't seem right. I dislike both shape and pattern, not to mention color scheme. Shoes seemed nice on the October Hot Buys poster, but here, they look too tiny. Still, I kinda like them, and debating whether I should buy them or not.. Hm.. for 11sd, they seem, well not to pricey, considering they are HotBuy, but still.. 

This wasn't a very first time a new Young Hollywood collection caught us by surprise. 

Items were quite limited, compared to last few LE and Antidote collections. And luckily for some non-superstar members who had some extra stardollars saved up, available for everyone. Now I noticed it in time, and I liked some of the pieces, but then I decided they are not worth the price. I have also decided that I won't spend anymore money on limited (overpriced) stores, and stick to more wearable items, real brands, like Nelly, Miss Sixty, Killah etc.

Another new release this week (like we didn't spend enough money already) - Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren

Now this is a store I would spend money on. Items are classic, trendy, wearable. A bit pricey, but totally worth it, agree?

At the end of this week, are your virtual pockets empty, and your virtual closets full? Are you trying to sell some stuff, to buy a new stuff, over and over again? Or just using your phone/credit card and topping up stardollars? Anyway, I hope you enjoyed last week, and I can't wait what will you chose for your favorite moment of a week. See ya soon.

~ Venus
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