"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #34

Good afternoon! Yesterday, our favorite blog celebrated it's 4th birthday. And even I mentioned in the comments, I will say it again: It is a real honor, but also a great pleasure, working for this amazing blog; providing you with fresh news, and doing my weekly recap every Sunday. The feedback I get is amazing, and it keeps me going.

Back to the main topic now - the highlights of last week on Stardoll.

As Halloween is soon, Stardoll decided to surprise us with some new holiday themed releases. First to go (on Monday) was a new Epiphany jewelery collection.

The pieces are perfect for Halloween - black chokers, crosses, skulls, black cats, dragons, spiders, etc. Most of the users though use these types of accessories only on the mentioned holiday, but there are also many users who love 'wearing' those every day, as they are part of their personal Stardoll style. Prices are high, but nothing unusual for this store.

Another 'gift' from Stardoll for the Halloween, on Wednesday to be exact, but this time 'resurrected'!

Yeah, you see right, these are pieces from Halloween Couture collection which came out in 2010 at the time of the holiday too. They eventually got on sale, which lowered their value a lot after leaving the plaza. Still some users, possibly new ones, paid much money to get those pieces, and I believe they may be a bit angry now. Prices of this collection, though, are much higher, and no starcoin items. One more thing: Don't wait for sale, because as Callie.Stardoll announced in starblog, the items will leave the starplaza after holidays are over.

Yeah, most of you expected it, a Halloween pass, on Wednesday as well.

Aside from 30 days of superstar/royalty membership, 200 stardollars, 500 starcoins, you can get the gifts shown on the pic above. I really liked this pass, especially vampire mouth and a black dress. Some users though, got disappointed, as they were expecting to see these items in a store, not 'resurrected' collection, but oh, well, at least they are free, kinda.

Thursday, a big day, well at least for some users - Miss Stardoll World were finally announced!

Even I am disappointed that none of my friends made it, those seem like really talented and creative users. There is not much time to vote - voting closes in a less than 2 days, so vote for your favorites. And to contestants: Good luck everyone, and may the best doll win!

I am pretty sure now Stardoll does read our blog, and acts accordingly. No surprise that a new Nelly brand came out on Friday - A "Cheap Monday."

I love all Nelly.com inspired collections, and this one doesn't disappoint either. Pieces are fashionable, wearable, trendy; well I may be repeating myself, but I am pretty sure these are the best items on Stardoll. I prefer them better than overpriced limited collections. I haven't bought anything yet, though, I've been thinking to wait for a sale. (Which will hopefully happen eventually.)

Okay, this week was a quite interesting, and I couldn't review all important moments, but I will just mention some:

-50% off sale ended on Monday, as expected
- 3 hotbuys got released this week
- new Stardoll Academy 'extra' task, where you could win 15 stardollars

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and now, as usual, you have a hard(?) task on choosing your favorite moment of a week. See you soon,

~ Venus
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