"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #31

Hello readers, and welcome to another weekly recap. Without any special intro, here it goes:

No news on Monday, but on Tuesday Stardoll added a new stardesign template to our studios:

Some say that it's okay, but most agree that 11 sd is a bit too much for a single design. Considering the taxes, and a slight profit designer wants to make, I expect to see it at approx 17-20 sd. Which would be okay if the design is actually nice, but I'm not sure many would pay that price.

After a few months of Hot Buys Summer Retro collections (re-releases), Stardoll has decided to bring back 'ordinary' monthly Hot Buys.

The collection is really nice, for a grand return. Silver shoes are a favorite for most users, but I also like black skirt with silver lines and black & white dress. I am guessing prices will be high, though some items can be really worth it (like the ones mentioned in a previous sentence). But does it mean the end of Stardoll re-releasing hot buys, (as HB Summer Retro store is closing in a few days), and getting back to monthly Hot Buys, or we will have both? Hm...

It's been a while since we had an offer from Stardoll, like this one:

30% extra stardollars when topping up, or purchasing ss membership. It is kinda okay offer, but I prefer getting free outfit(s) when making a purchase. (Btw, it is about the time Stardoll changes gifts we receive when buying with credit card or pay pal, as many complain getting the same stuff all over again.)

 A new collection of Sunny Bunny jewelery and head accessories arrived in Starplaza on Thursday.

Nice for some users who like that style, and favorite pieces seem to be Hello Kitty sunglasses, which you could find before, designed by some users, and pink headphones. Not my style, even it kinda used to be. I am really not sure if there are many users that actually dress their dolls in that style.

To end this week, Stardoll decided to add 2 new floors to MSW13 store.

Tacky. Overpriced. Too shiny and glittery.  Sure, there are few decent pieces, but I am disappointed at few items similar to ones from other pages, just different colors. I was expecting much better, and also 42 stardollars for a non-limited, non-real brand, redo from other store item, is surely a price I won't pay. There are many more affordable formal gowns in starplaza and starbazaar. 

It is fem minutes past midnight here, and no new stuff in starplaza, so I'm gonna finish this post and sign out. Just vote for your favorite moment of a week, and see you next week. 

~ Venus

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