"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #30

Hello readers, and welcome to 30th week recap on your (hopefully) favorite blog. This week, even though there weren't many events, had some really big ones. Missed the week, and you are curious what were they? Then get comfortable, maybe get some coffee or tea, turn on some light music, and read on.

The first big event was the announce of MSW 2013 semifinalists.

Some members made it to semis, many more didn't. It is true that most members deserved to qualify, but some, no offence, did not. And there are many well known designers, stylists, bloggers etc who did not make it. But to those who still made it, good luck! At least spamming will go way down, so members, feel free to finally unlock your guestbooks you've been keeping closed to avoid spam.
Not so nice thing from Stardoll was a message that everyone received, in which Stardoll congratulates us for making it into semis. Though many were suspicious as in the message they mentioned MSW2012.

Remember when Stardoll asked us whether we want MSW hair or make-up? We got both! Well, kinda.

On Monday new make up collection got released, with lots of 'girly' colors, not much different from ordinary Dot make up colors, only more expensive, of course! The best thing about this collection was a glitch where you could buy a Grape Twist Lipstick for 9 starcoins, but was fixed soon.
Btw, what do you think about those 'glitches'? Does anyone agree with me that Stardoll may do it on purpose sometimes?

The day after, we got new Doree hayrides and highlights collection. As you could see in comments of that post, most of those colors were released before, or are still in store, with a slight change of color tones. Pricier as well, not a big difference though.

The second big event was a release of new Limited Edition collection. Though it wasn't really a 'good' event. Why?

The day before it got released, we could see the items on spoilers. On Friday, a bit earlier than usual, a new collection was out. The problem - there were no photos of items in catalogue, just names and prices. Still, there were many users who bough the stuff anyway. Then after a hour or two, it got taken out of catalogue, but the items could be still obtained from a link. Some items from this collection were available to be sold in starplaza, so smart users, and the ones willing to take a risk, could buy item, sell it for high(er) price, and then buy the item again from store. By the time store finally arrived in plaza, there were not many items left.
The collection is nice, not my favorite, but it has some really cute and pretty items. Of course, the collection was for superstar only, nothing unusual.

What are your thoughts about last week? Disappointed for no making it to MSW semis and getting any LE stuff? Satisfied as you made it so semi-finals, grabbed lots of nice LE, and that starcoin lipstick? Chose your favorite moment, and see you next week.

~ Venus
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