"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #27

Hello friends! Are holidays (sadly) over for you and you are starting another school year tomorrow? Don't be sad, enjoy, those will be the best years of your life. I hope, though, you will still have time to visit USD, or at least read my weekly recap. Which is starting now.

On Monday we got another Evil Panda collection.

Childish. Tacky. Weird. Yeah, I know Stardoll was created as a game for younger players, but I am sure staff knows that there are way more teens, young adults, end even adults playing it now. Prices are high, considering this is just an 'ordinary' store (not real brand or limited). Also, a few starcoin items. Someone remind me why do we actually need and collect those stupid coins?

While anxiously expecting this year's MSW, we got a hint that is coming very soon - a MSW pass.

Remember those items that appeared in spoilers? Yeah, they are, sadly, for people who buy the pass. Too bad, because I really liked the ice blue dress. The offer is fair, but nothing special and unusual for membership offer. Nice idea though, inspiring members to buy superstar membership and stardollars, as they'd need them to advertise for MSW. Unless you plan to continuously spam people, (but please don't).

The same day (forgot to mention it was Wednesday), kinda randomly, but another Spectacular collection arrived.

They are interesting shapes and colors, but not really wearable for everyday outfits. It is bad for some members who have differently styled dolls to fit different rooms, as they go to beauty parlor, not suite. If you don't really need them now, better save stardollars for MSW *hint* and/or wait for sale.

On Thursday, another store got updated with new collection, this time Wild Candy.

Items are 'cute', and not that childish. But the major disappointment was that there are some stardollar items. Now we don't get many starcoin items, I know, but for a store that has all collections buyable with coins, this was a real let down, especially because that black biker jacket looks pretty awesome.

The highlight of a week, and I am sure many will agree with me, was an official start of annual Miss Stardoll World contest!

Some members are really excited, prepared their stardollars for advertising, or maybe spamming asking people to vote them. Some are excited because they know users will sell some valuable items for quite lower prices so they could afford to advertise. I haven't yet decided whether I would run, as I am not sure all countries will have representatives in semi-finals, or just top 20. To whoever decides to run, good luck. Just please, please don't spam in comments here on USD. Thank you.

Another thing that marked this week was also a whole Basics clothing collection leaving plaza, so we can hopefully expect new collection soon, as this has been there for way too long.
Now vote on poll for your favorite moment, and see you next week.

~ Venus
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