"Last week on Stardoll" - week #26

Well hello again! This is my 26th column post for this amazing blog, which means I've been here for 6 months. Wow, a half of a year! I want to thank Fenia first, for giving me this amazing opportunity to express myself and my opinion on Stardoll events, releases and updates. I also want to thank a dedicated readers, who read my posts, and leave nice comments. Thank you, every single of you, for even just visiting my posts. I hope to see you on a year anniversary of my being here. But until then, enjoy a new weekly recap.

Even a week started slowly, with no news on Monday, on Tuesday, we got "slammed" with news! The first event? Take a look!

New limited Young Hollywood outfit, inspired by new and popular Lady Gaga's video for song Applause. I'm not a big fan of outfit (no offense to Gaga fans). It just doesn't seem appropriate for younger users, with black bikini, see through bodysuit, and creepy mask. Shoes are also not suitable for everyday outfits, (they kinda look like some antidote and LE shoes), and bag seems just like ordinary bags Stardoll releases.
The collection sold out in a less than a day though, which probably means there are lots of Gaga fans on Stardoll, and users that plan to resell stuff for much higher prices when it becomes sellable.

The same day, another "new" interior store arrived in plaza.

Another interior re-release. I'm not a big fan of this collection either, as I prefer minimalist themed interior. Speaking of, the interior background for suite is the only new thing. The best thing about this was a glitch where we could buy a gold vase for 6 starcoins, instead of 6 stardollars. The glitch was eventually fixed, but not before many users, (including me), bought loads of those vases. (Because there aren't many other useful ways to spend starcoins.)

The same day, we also got another offer from Stardoll. Whoa, what a day!

You had an option to receive this cute outfit for any stardollars or membership purchase. Not bad for someone who was already planning to make a purchase, and maybe for some who were debating whether to buy or not to buy. You are gonna need lots of stardollars if you plan on running for MSW, and you can hardly get them from selling stuff, as everyone is keeping their precious stardollars for advertising. (Or preparing their fingers for quick copy/paste in guestbooks (spamming))

On Wednesday, new real brand collection arrived in starplaza - this time inspired by Mark Fast.

The collection is okay, at least better than previous Frankie Morello inspired. The items are a Limited Edition quality, and remind many users of some previous LE collections. Colors are nice, and the most popular piece seems to be Black Fringed Jacket.

Okay, you should probably get used to this - yet another Hot Buys summer retro hit the plaza on Thursday.

The rarest and the most wanted was the owl pendant, though there are some other nice pieces. I remember selling it a while ago for a 'nice' price, and some other pieces as well. I am, as Mijena15 said in comments, wondering are we going to have Hot Buys Fall Retro, Hot Buys Winter Retro and Hot Buys Spring Retro as well? This seems the most unfair to collectors, who buy new items right when they get released. Not to ones who joined recently, decided to start collecting them, but then start complaining about prices in bazaars. Sellers need money, and it is not their fault Stardoll brings back stuff. But yeah, Hot Buys are definitely losing their value, you might wanna concentrate on collecting real brand items or stuff from limited stores, as hopefully Staroll won't bring back any of these.

The end of a week marked a new interior collection (this time actually new) - Kitch.

I don't know about you, but to me, these are just horrible items. Don't wanna comment anymore on this.

Some other things that marked this week:
- One Direction movie promo stuff (freebies) arrived in some countries;
- Miss Stardoll World update - still no official news and info though;
- New interactive comic book, named Secrets & Dreams, which will be released on Stardoll first, and later become able to be bought in stores.

Quite a good week, agreed? Still, we hope next week will be better, as we always do. Until then, have fun, and see you next week.

~ Venus
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