"Last week on Stardoll" - week #25

Hey friends, how are you? Enjoying the little remaining time before school, or you are stuck studying for college exams like me? I still hope you can find a bit of spare time to check out this week's recap on Srtardoll stuff.

The week, as usual, started with new release, this time not just a new collection, but a whole clothes and interior store.

Theme is the 60's, with bright colors and prints related to that period of time. They are definitely not something you can wear everyday, but it is okay every once in a while to experiment with bold items, which 'pop out'. My favorite is for sure Mondrian inspired dress, and I like wigs too.

On Wednesday new floor of exclusive Royalty store got released.

It was inspired by Queens and Kings of pop. All items were inspired by real life outfits of well known celebrities. There was a glitch for a while, though, that allowed non-royalty members to buy Michael Jackson jacket, but was fixed eventually. I really love Katy Perry inspired dress, and plan on buying it once I renew my royalty membership (still waiting for some nice offers).

Same thing inspired a new Tress up wig collection.

So we have Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Britney, Madonna, Nicki Minaj and some other celeb inspired hairstyles. They all look nice on mannequins, but none fits my doll well, they just look weird. Also, a bit of disappointment is Lady Gaga inspired hair, which even though looks like multicolor wig, it actually is monochrome when put on doll.

Yet another new release this week. Wow.

I'm not big fan of collection. (Do we need another pair of denim shorts?) Black skirt is cute though. Only few starcoin items of course, mostly accessories as usual. I don't like either prints or texture. Just not.

So whole recap was about new releases, as there weren't any other interesting events. But just wait for next week. *Hint.* Before that, vote for your favorite, well not event, but release. And see you soon. Love,


P.S. Get ready... 

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