"Last week on Stardoll" - week #23

Hello readers! I hope you are ready for another weekly post. So make a coffee, or lemonade, sit comfortably in your chair, turn on some music (I recommend instrumentals, so you can stay focused on actual post and not song lyrics), and as always, enjoy!

On Monday new floor of Other World clothing and interior store got released.

There are some really nice pieces, like Toto Tutu Belt and Twisted Top, as clothing items, and unicorns as decor item. I can assume the collection will inspire many members to create fantasy themed room, or even more rooms.

On Wednesday, new collection of Bonjour Bizou hit the starplaza.

This collection seems to be really popular amongst Stardoll population, with really great pieces, like denim jackets and matching shorts, leather jacket, and some nice tops.

Not even a whole week after introducing a new feature, and after constant complaints from users, Stardoll decided to add a 'turn off' button to friend feed.

Personally I haven't gotten a chance to try it out, so it didn't affect me, but one thing I am unsure about, is - If I turn it off, will I be not just unable to see friends' activities, but hide mine as well? Truth it, wee need a turn off button for our chat as well.

As usual, on the first day of month, Thursday to be exact, another Archive collection appeared in plaza.

There aren't many rares, with the exception of denim ripped hotpants, which were very popular, rare, and of course sold for high prices, although some say they got them for starcoins, as they were non superstar item when they left the plaza.

So to sum up this week: 3 releases and 1 update of Stardoll feature. Kinda boring week, so sorry for short post, but there wasn't much to write about. I am hoping for more exciting changes and updates next week. Also, don't forget to visit Chanel tribute store, as it is closing really soon, so grab your favoriute pieces before it's too late and you have to pay much higher prices for them.

~ Venus
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