"Last week on Stardoll" - week #24

Hello and welcome to another weekly recap on our favorite site - Stardoll. At this moment, I am trying hard to concentrate at my post, considering my neighbor's dogs are barking like crazy really close to my window, so I turned on my music player, currently listening to some Eurovision songs. I'll try not to get distracted much, so without any more procrastinating, here I go!

On Monday, new Pretty n'Love collection hit the straplaza.

The best term to describe this collection, is 'girly'. Items are cute, perfect for summer, but not everyone likes this style. Still, you might give it a try, combining with some more 'mature' clothing pieces and make a decent outfit.

Yet another tribute store got released this month, on Wednesday to be exact - Frankie Morello tribute.

Users seem to have different opinion on items. Some say they are cute, and can be wearable and combined in many different ways, while others think they are a bit girly and resembling recently gone Fever store clothes. Personally, I dislike them, I just cannot imagine my doll looking good with wearing any of these items, and colors are kinda unusual, so it can be hard to match with other pieces.

About 2 weeks after being released to paying members only, Friend Feed feature became available to everyone starting this Thursday.

I kinda like this feature, when I'm bored on Stardoll I get to 'stalk' friends, see what are they doing. And of course, you can still turn it off if you don't like being stalked on Stardoll. I am keeping my turned on so far.

Not long after release of Fallen Angel new clothing collection, we got interior store as well.

Spooky, dark items, perfect for those who like this style, or just making different rooms. The aquarium (not shown on pic above) seems to be the most popular item from collection, although I've seen many aquariums custom made with suite shop items.

On Friday as well we got another offer from Stardoll.

If you are superstar, you get 50%  extra stardollars when topping up your account. Pretty good offer for people buying stardollars, so if you are interested, today is the last day to take advantage of this offer.

Pretty uninteresting week, agree? Are you expecting new Miss Stardoll World? Yeah, it is that time of a year. By then, work on making your doll and suite flawless, make friends, earn stardollars so you can advertise, if you plan on running for contest, of course. But before that, chose your favorite moment of last week, and see you next Saturday!

~ Venus

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