Free Sandals (Ramadan Campaign)

We have already found the clutch and the dress from the Ramadan Campaign and now the first piece of the sandals got revealed. If you click the 15th Gondola in the campaign which you can find here: it will tell you to find the other piece.

In order to find the piece..log into stardoll and now go here:

As you see in the photo below the piece is located at the left side of the Account settings page
Find it and click it. 

PS: If you cannot see it because of your screen press CTRL - on your keyboard 
( after clicking the piece press CTRL + to restore the screen again to the first size)

Tomorrow we will receive some other thing, probably some stardollars.

xoxo, sdoreymenano

PS: In case you had missed the other piece of the sandals, here is it:
1) (on the right side of the games page)

PS2: In case you had missed the pieces of the dress, here are they
1)  (on the left area next to your album)
2)  (on the right side of the starplaza window)
3) (on the left side of the party lobby)
4) (on the left side of the Beauty Parlor)

PS3: The pieces of the clutch are here:
1) (on the left side of your inbox page)
2) (at the bottom of the page near the Stardoll logo)

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