"Last week on Stardoll" - week #12

Good afternoon everyone, and welcome to 12th installment of my column. Did you stay up late last night, watching finale of Eurovision Song Contest? I did, of course, like every of last 10 years. I liked the winning song, as well as many others, but I think Emmelie deserved to win. Did you visit Stardoll every day last week too? If not, here goes a recap of the most important things last week.

On Monday, new collection of Splendid arrived.

Some liked it, others not, but almost everyone agrees that it is overpriced.I am not a big fan of it either, with eyelashes fitting well only on certain types of eyes.

On Wednesday Stardoll made a change at club logos.

While they certainly look better than no pictures, readers and sd users are angry because they used to recognize clubs by their logos, especially people who are in lot of clubs. Time will tell how people will get used to them.

On Wednesday we got another sale.
Okay, I don't really get Stardoll on this. Previous week we got 50% off sale on whole Beauty section. But maybe this is closing sale, and/or we are getting more stuff in these stores.

On Thursday we got another interior store.

More interior? Yes, the stuff is nice, but still, as I said before, people prefer clothes and jewelry instead on interior. Additionally, Stardoll changed some stuff a bit, no idea why.

While waiting for 2nd year of Stardoll Academy to start, we got another task.

In order to win this dress, you had to buy stuff. While many found a way to save money buy buying starcoin items, Stardoll figured that out, and changed the only pair of starcoins shoes for the last task, to be sold in stardollars. Not cool. Do you think the dress is worth the money?

Another thing worth mentioning are gorgeous weekly hotbuys, I hope Stardoll keeps up with good releases like that one.

I hope you liked last week's releases and updates, and expecting even better ones for next week. Thank you for staying with me, and go ahead and vote on the poll.

~ Venus
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