"Last Week on Stardoll" - week #10

Hello, and Happy Easter for all people that celebrate it today! Spend today with your family, and enjoy.
Now on the topic, this is 10th installment of my weekly column, I surely wasn't expecting it when I sent my application to owner. Thank you for being with me all the time, and I promise I won't let you down.

After Pretty n'Love new clothing collection, we got also interior, spring themed too.

Many agreed the stuff are cheap, but also some got disappointed that the background wasn't on sale, just as display.
ZOE_DIVINE  said about this collection: "Even though there isn't a lot of pieces in this new Decor, the prices are beautiful and fairly cheap"

No news, except another Weekly Hotbuys, were until Thursday, when we got new Rio collection in Starplaza.

Opinions are divided here, while some think clothes are tacky and bad, others like golds and animal print. Personally, I'm not a big fan of them, I might like 2 or 3 pieces. Also only 2 starcoin items.
Millert said: "At first I liked it but now that I've had a closer look, all the clothes look tacky. And the two starcoin clothes are awful."

The same day, we got new 'fantastic' offer, another way to become Platinum members and get our name turquoise. 

Now 2000 stardollars is a nice bonus, but we get the same ugly clothes as we were offered for buying 15 months of membership. Warning, though, as I read in comments, some people didn't get the bonus when purchasing platinum membership on previous offer, because the offer wasn't available in their country, and they realized that AFTER buying the membership. 
I was about to post reader's comment, but there are many of interesting ones, and quite long, so just take a look here.

Friday brought us another Archive release.

The most talked about item was definitely red Stylein dress. Now we got used to Stardoll re-releasing some old items, rares, even hotbuys, but not real brands. People pay high prices to get their stuff, only to find them in starplaza for a bargain. That can make people really annoyed. Truth is, some of newer members can get some old vintage stuff for a fair prices, but it damages resellers.
Samantha Del Rey said: "Stardol what are you doing!? Even that rare pounds dress by Stylein! Also the taupe slouchy sweater was a must have not long ago! I payed loads for them and now there in archieve :/"

And yet another offer by Stardoll, this time for spending in starplaza.

Cinnymon's comment sums it up perfectly: "It's just too many of these offers....and too often... and too ugly outfits... :P"

Now, after you've finished reading this, as usual, vote on the poll. Thank you.

P.S. If anyone whose comment I've used in this post, wants it removed or posted as anonymous, let me know in comments or my guestbook.

~ Venus
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